Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Long Arm of the Law, Part II

Sorry that I have not had much to report.  I am battling a sore throat from my long, cold walks in London.  Ergo, I've been in bed a lot, just not feeling too hot.

I have rallied for our conditioning/agility workout on Monday and a workout/meeting with our rookie DB's Tuesday night.  Tonight it will be back to Catania University's Sports Stadium for another round of conditioning/agility drills.

I sent Claudio a copy of the University of Nebraska's Strength and Conditioning book and the Elephants are following it religiously.  

I paid my ticket in Florence for entering a restricted zone with my rental car.  The Florence Municipal Police e-mailed me this very nice receipt and I loved their last line "Thank you and we send best regards."

If nothing else, the Florentines are a polite people.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. I am sure a gelato right now would solve all of your medical ills!

J TWICE said...

George - Take Two Cannoli and Call me in the Morning...

Also - I like the comment on the website for your ticket, written by the same translator of the English-Italian Babblefish website:

"The transaction has been effected with Success."

I hope the Elephants can say the same about this season!

J. Twice

George said...

Gelato is indeed a miracle cure, i'll try some later tonight!

George said...

On the other hand two cannoli AND a gelato might really get my juices flowing again!!!