Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final London Thoughts

One of my favorite views in London

This photo was taken from the steps of the National Gallery looking through Trafalgar Square with majestic Big Ben in the distance.

To sum up two fine days in London, not one person approached me about being an American and what to do about our President.  Last year that happened a lot.

The official temperature yesterday was 4 degrees Celsius which equals 39 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was the wind chill that made it memorable.

British Understatement Moment:  As I waited at the Charing Cross Underground Station late last night for my return to the London Elizabeth Hotel, a very subdued female voice came over the intercom to announce in a rather matter-of-fact fashion that "The Central Line is closed in both directions between Lancaster Gate and Notting Hill Gate due to a person under the train."

Now it is on to Catania this afternoon... Stay Tuned!!!

CHEERS From London!


J TWICE said...

Wow... you had time to see London AND blog? Impressive! Glad to see you back on the road and as Donnie would say, "In your element."

Me on the other hand, just got back from the most amazing trip to Brazil, which was too busy for me even to blog...

Hi to everyone in Catania - we hope to visit in about 3 weeks!


George said...

Very late night blogging session, looking forward to seeing you at Malibu and hearing all of your Brazil stories.