Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Guy Fieri Strikes Yet Again!

At the last minute last week we received a phone call from Ryan Brucker about a field trip to Las Vegas to visit Andy and Jenn one more time before I fly to Catania.  Ryan's father, Loren, was my college roommate at the University of Washington and played on both the Husky's football (DB) and baseball (catcher) teams in the late 1960's.  Laurie and Loren's wife Sandy were roommates at the UW as well.

Besides renewing old friendships during our drive out to Sin City, I knew this would be another great chance to experience food at its finest.  I researched the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" website and came up with:

Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe
178143 D Street on Historic Route 66
Victorville, California

These Two Signs Say It All

Located about one mile off of Interstate 15, it is about halfway between our house in Camarillo and Andy and Jenn's in North Las Vegas.

Four Thin Shadows About to Enter Valhalla

The shadows belong to Ryan and Loren Brucker and to Mike and George Contreras.  The question is can you correctly match the shadow to it's owner?

Saturday Morning's Excellent Kielbasa and Eggs Breakfast

Throw in some hash browns, home made biscuits and a little gravy and you just can't get any more contented!

Be sure to request the "Spicy" ketchup if you are man enough.

For some reason, "Stick To Your Ribs", seems like as good phrase as any to describe our experience.

On the Road at Emma Jean's with Loren Brucker

Don't let his mild looks fool you, I first met Loren when he cheap-shoted me on a Saturday morning practice at the UW during two-a-days in August, 1966.  I was covering a punt and he ear-holed me...NICE GUY!

Note that even in this picture, he is still slightly in my blind spot ready to strike if need be!!!

BB Shots

The window by our table sported only four of these holes from vandals.  In the summer these holes keep the cafe well ventilated.

Our Waitress and the Star of the Cafe
Here she is seen showing her autograph book of famous people and long distance traveler's who have eaten at Emma Jean's.  My status with the Elephants Catania prompted her to ask me to sign her book.  I was honored!

The Brian Burger

How good was it?  Here you see Mike about to devour the "Brian Burger" on MONDAY as we drove back home from Las Vegas!

Brian is Shawna's husband and they are the third generation owners of the Emma Jean's.  This burger is named for him and includes a delicious spicy roasted green chile, a huge hunk of Swiss-American cheese on two slices of THICK Parmesan toast... INCREDIBLE!

The chocolate shake and blackberry cobbler ala mode that we all split were equally as good.

BOTTOM LINE:  With Andy and Jenn living in North Las Vegas, allowing us to have another excuse to visit the desert, I fully plan to stop at Emma Jean's EVERY time I drive through Victorville!  Note that they are only open for breakfast and lunch, not dinner.


DPLassen said...

You know, for some reason there don't seem to be a lot of salads featured in your dining series.

George said...

What is salad?

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the term.

DPLassen said...

salad |ˈsaləd|
a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients : a green salad | bowls of salad.
• [with adj. ] a mixture containing a specified ingredient served with a dressing : a red pepper filled with tuna salad | fruit salad.
• a vegetable suitable for eating raw.

Glad to help.

George said...

I'll have to go out and try some soon! I don't think they have anything remotely like this in Sicily.