Saturday, January 31, 2009

at last... RADIO FREE MALIBU!!!

It is with a great deal of pride and with a heavy dose of humility that I can announce to you that Malibu now has a high speed internet connection for the first time in recorded Sicilian history!  That's over 3,000 years you know.

A Close Encounter of the First Kind

 I called Laurie, Jason and our friends the FitzGeralds on Skype and they all confirmed the strength of the connection... THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Now I know some of you are thinking, is this a new internet connection for 2009 or is this last year's "Internet in ten working days" finally being installed after 13 months?

I know which way I'm leaning but I'm not saying, I'm just happy to be alive and connected.


Vanessa said...

We are all happy that you are alive and connected George!!

Hope you are having a blast!

your future daughter in law

DPLassen said...

The bad news is you're about to get 13 months of bills for the internet service you were supposed to have.

George said...

That would be just what I need after the Florence ticket fiasco!

Dick Bellman said...

Does this mean that you can now set up a web cam? Footage of you, Paul and Lori should be priceless. Possibly an updated version of the Odd Couple.