Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jacob's Baptism Weekend

We enjoyed a great weekend as our grandson Jacob was being baptized at Santa Clara Catholic Church in Oxnard. This initial religious milestone in Jacob's life translated into three days of family, friends and fun!

On Friday afternoon Andy, Jenn and Kevin (Tank) arrived from their home in North Las Vegas.

Tank and Grandpa  

Have a Seat

This chair was actually made by Laurie's Dad Bill for her when she was Kevin's age.

That's an old chair!

Tank and Uncle Mike 

Uncle Mike wants Kevin
to be a Kicker

But Kevin knows that Reading Is FUNdamental!!!

"So Jacob,
let me tell you about Cheerios."

Cousins Jacob and Kevin meeting for the first time. They hit it off nicely I thought.

We fed the babies and ourselves and had a nice mini-reunion Friday night.

Saturday morning it was time for the Main Event.

Jacob was decked out
for the special occasion

Pre-Baptism Instructions 

Jacob was very patient during
all of the shenanigans 

Holding on to Daddy's tie
during the dousing 

Proud Papa 

Mike, Jacob and Vanessa 

Great Day! 

With all the Grandparents 

With Great Grandmother Chuny
and Great Great Aunt Katie

After the ceremonies and the numerous photo ops, about 40 of us retired to Mike, Vanessa and Jacob's condo for more good times.


We all had a good time sharing the moment and rekindling acquaintences. We were loud but . . .

Jacob fell asleep

. . . as did Kevin

Great Aunt Linda and Jacob

VERY Happy Grandma Laurie 

"I REALLY like these people!"

So do I Kevin, so do I.

Sunday morning called for the usual Cronies breakfast stop before bidding adieu to the North Las Vegas contingent.

Kids love it when the wristwatch
alarm goes off 

Keeping a wary eye on Tank.
He can strike without notice! 

We had a fantastic family oriented three days and next weekend we will head to North Las Vegas to do it all again for Kevin's first birthday party.


Sunday Night at
California Lutheran University 

On Sunday night, Laurie and I drove up to Thousand Oaks to attend the 16th Season of CLU's Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival.

Each Summer CLU puts on two of the Bard's plays. The first one this year was Much Ado About Nothing which ran while we were still in Europe.

We went to see Romeo and Juliet with a timely twist in our view. Instead of Verona, Italy the setting was changed to Granada, Spain after the Reconquista.

Since we had just visited Granada less than two weeks ago, it made it even more enjoyable for us.

In CLU's adaptation, the Capulet family were part of the conquering Catholics while the Montaques were vanquished Moors.

The Alhambra?

Hot blooded Moor Benvolio

A Good Sword Fighting Scene!

For the second straight year, we enjoyed another great night under the stars watching a very good production.

Finally . . .

My European Experience
on a T-shirt

I got this picture from our friend Matteo Belfiore in Sicily via Facebook.

It pretty much sums up all that you need to know about about religion and the reason to lead a good, honorable life.

I need a XXL please.


Andrew said...

Good times indeed!

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That is one awesome T-shirt.