Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Das Boot on Lake Thun

Monday's Swiss Adventure was a round trip ride on one of the large lake boats from Thun to Interlaken.

Originally, we were going to go up the Niesen, the nearby pyramid shaped Alp, to let Laurie see the view of the world from there. Then we planned take a train to Interlaken and take the lake boat back to Thun.

As usual, thunderstorms were predicted, so we changed to the round trip plan on the lake boat instead.

The storm front never really hit Thun, so we could have gone with Plan A afterall . . . oh, well.

Bought our tickets and boarded
the H.S. Bubenberg built in 1962

The Hero of the Battle of Murten
Adrian von Bubenburg

The Bubenberg needs a
fancier flag design

Nice bell though

It would be a long afternoon on the lake but it was so peaceful and afforded us the chance to see many familiar places from a totally different perspective.

Thun's Scherzligkirche

Tight Rope Walking 101

Schloss Schadau

One of the many lake shore
swimming spots

Schloss Hünegg

Possible High Dive Hijinks

Colorful Village Flag

Flying with the flags of Switzerland and Bern canton, this is exactly the kind of designing that the H.S. Bubenberg's flag needs.

Just another scenic church

Schloss Oberhofen

Schloss Oberhofen's
Turkish Smoking Room

Schloss Oberhofen's
Flower Gardens

Bernese Vineyards

The #21 bus going from
Interlaken to Thun

The Niesen looked clear at the top

Lakeview Living

Hey, a Fixer Upper

Family Fun Day
at the Lake

The still snow covered Eiger
and the Mönch in the distance

Schloss Spiez

A great day to be sailing

If you don't tip over.

Lakeside Community

Saddle Back

Laurie and the Bell

Lots of boats on the water


A Pool by the Lake

Let's go FAST!

Laurie said that this cabin
would be all she needed



Is that the right term?

Swiss Airborne

Old School Hang Glider

The famous Lake Thun Dolphin,
move over Nessie!

This building has a great café

Early in my Swiss adventure, I had a great cappuccino with the Baumann family here.

Good Times Indeed!!!

Summer Memories
in the making

Paddle Wheeler

The view from the Interlaken end
of the lake back towards Thun

They guided us to the
dock in Interlaken

Parasailing is always big
in Interlaken

Where did they come from?

Cool Roof

Looking towards Interlaken
and the Lake Brienz Valley

They served us these cookies with
our coffee on the Bubenberg

I am well aware that the play the Titanic is the event of the outdoor theater scene in Thun this Summer, but really, do we need a Titanic reminder as we are riding on an 800 passenger lake boat?

Laurie informed me that she
would also be happy with this one

Looking back towards Interlaken

Kids having fun on the docks

Schloss Oberhofen's Roof

Just a quaint
lakeside home

Nice Gazebo

A late afternoon sail

Wrapping up his day

It WAS another great
Swiss Adventure

Upon returning to Thun and Helvetica it was back to sorting and packing for the trip to Zürich, Spain and home to Camarillo that starts this Wednesday.

Martin Schweizer's Salvation Army people will be pleased with what we are leaving behind for them. I hope that they can find a fat guy for all the clothes that I am leaving behind.

Got to make room for my prized cow bell in my suitcase!

Good Night Thun


Trine The Trickster said...

Did Laurie and you get up to the stern and do the 'I'm king of the woooord'?

George said...

No, but we thought about it.