Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Week Home

Dealing with the jet lag was tough this past week with several 4:00 a.m. wake-ups but I am now pretty much back on West Coast time.

Besides unpacking, laundry and getting used to our old surroundings yet again, it was a week of family time as we drove down to San Marino to visit my Mother and Aunt Katica who were both delightful on Sunday.

The majority of the last few days has been spent getting better acquainted with our grandson Jacob.

But first . . .

An American football fix

Our son Mike is a coach at nearby Newbury Park H.S. and the Panther staff was starting a four day camp for Pop Warner players on Monday night.

Thus I joined Mike, in the black shorts in the middle in this picture, coaching tackling techniques.

Part of the NPHS
Take-Away Circuit 

I had not been on a practice field in almost three weeks. It was good to get back out there!

In the final analysis, most of the week was spent with . . .


He falls asleep in strange places

He seems to like colors

Fatherly Advice

Discussing Male Pattern Baldness 

We all silently pray that Jacob's Grandpa Tito's hair gene is alive and well in little Jacob.

Jolly Jump Up Time

Jacob's first spoonful of solid food

It was rice cereal for babies.

"What the Hell was that?"


Discussing the relative success
of this particular feeding

Jacob has been great fun these last few days and Vanessa and Mike are doing a splendid job with him.

Friday we will be doubling our fun as Andy and Jenn will be arriving from Las Vegas with our not-so-little first grandson, Kevin, to celebrate Jacob's baptism on Saturday.

This is going to be FUN!!!

Reading is FUNdamental!!!

A very good read!!!

This book, written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, is just downright excellent! I now have to read more of this fine Spanish writer's work.

I'm very glad that I bought this good read in Madrid to enjoy on our trip through Andalisia last week!

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