Monday, July 9, 2012

A Sunday in Varese, Italy

Sunday was a very beautiful day in Varese, Italy, after a late night Saturday, as we did not get back to our hotel from the IFL Super Bowl game until nearly midnight.

We decided to take a taxi into the city center and do some walking around and eating before getting on to the train for the long ride back to Thun.

The cab driver was a happy sort, singing songs to us all the way into the city while driving at break-neck speeds.

We entered a series of very narrow pedestrian-only streets where taxis are allowed. In California, the posted speed limit would be about 5 mph in such a zone. You might be OK driving at 10 mph.

He was going about 30 mph!!!

We got there alive and no pedestrian lost their life or any limbs.

But not for lack of trying.

Here we go again!

Laurie's attitude was that since we could have died on the cab ride, but came out of it healthy, it was a sign from God to shop.

It was a Sunday after all.

Here she bought only one new embroidered hand towel that we desperately needed.

As for me, I was hungry

We found this delightful café next to the stall where Laurie bought the hand towel.

Cappuccino in Italia

It was way before noon and it was Molto Bene!!!

It was also getting warmer

That is 82º F at 10:30 a.m.

Temptations for Laurie
were everywhere

Silver? NOOOOOOOO!!!

Basilica di San Vittore
erected in the 16th century

It was very nice inside but Mass was be held and I did not want to disrespect the worshippers.

Torre Campanaria
erected between 1616 and 1774

While roaming the streets of Varese, we stumbled upon a vintage car road rally winding its way through Varese.

Nice Porsche

A Morgan?

Thun Club
"100,000 Hearts,
Only One Great Emotion"

We need one of these stores in Thun no matter what they are selling!

While Laurie continued shopping . . .

I looked for murals and . . .

Lions and . . .


It was time for a heat beating Italian treat.

Gelato and a vintage Fiat 500

We sat under a nice quiet shade tree and enjoyed coconut, strawberry and lemon gelatos. Molto Bene again!

Suddenly, we heard the roar of a car and looked up to see our singing cab driver friend zooming by as he waved to us.


A Bambino Throwing a Fit

If he had sat down here about five minutes earlier, it could have been a disaster.

Can I get this into the overhead?

Sunday, Piazza, Italia

A perfect place to be a ragazzi.

Our Lady of the Blessed Antenna

A typical Italian color wheel

Well dressed Italian bike rider

Classic Italian Architecture

Is this wall 65 years old?

Antipasto and Pasta at
L'Albero della Vite

Real Italian food is oh, SO good for you!!!

Life is Molto Bene too! 

"Cinema Paradiso" is one of
my all-time favorite movies

It was finally time to head back to Thun. We only had to deal with a one hour delay in Gallarate for an Italian train that was tardy, but since we started out an hour earlier than we were scheduled, we arrived on time.

Sort of.

Do Not Cross the Tracks!

A typical Italian Train Coach

It took a bit longer than anticipated but we finally got home to Thun no worse for wear. 

Grilled Chicken Sounded Good

But we were still full from the pasta in Varese.

To sum up our weekend, we had a great time seeing old friends at the Super Bowl but were very disappointed that Catania didn't win. We found Italia to be as crazy, disorganized, disfunctional and emotional as always.

That is exactly why, for some unfathomable reason, I still find Italy and the Italian culture extremely interesting.

Italia . . . Molto Bene!!!

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I do love Italy a lot, it is true!