Friday, July 6, 2012

No More Cow Bell If You Please

Friday was another overcast, rainy day in Thun.

Thus, it was a perfect day to start packing for our trip home to California via Spain.

We will leave Thun for Zürich next Wednesday and spend the night in Switzerland's most expensive city. Then, on Thursday morning, we will take the plane to Madrid for a one week vacation. We will be visiting the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula for the first time.

Besides starting and ending our Spanish adventure in Madrid, our itinerary includes Sevilla, Granada and Córdoba.

We will be home in Camarillo in less than two weeks now.


Tonight we met as the 2012 Thun Tigers one last time at our team hangout, the Morris Cafe-Restaurant in Thun, for a farewell dinner.

Tiger Team President Rudy Bohren

At the end of the dinner and after renewing friendships one last time, Rudy asked me to stand with him as he addressed the team.

Coach's Gift from the Tigers

I have coached high school football for 42 years, European football for four seasons and I probably have coached another 25+ seasons of high school baseball and track and field over the years.

The end of the year gift from the players/team have ranged from plaques to clothing to restaurant gift certificates to even nothing one year.

Tonight the Thun Tigers wowed me with easily the best coach's gift EVER!!!

A Genuine Swiss Cow Bell!!!

This shot does not even begin to
show how excited I was 

Cool Inscription 

Great Craftsmenship 

Side View 

My Cow Bell is AMAZING!!!

It is over two and a half hours since I got my cow bell and I am still stunned!!!



David said...

Looking forward to hearing about when you explain that one in customs.

Really, really cool gift, though.

George said...

If customs doesn't know about the need for more cow bell, then the hell with them!

It is amazing isn't it.

Trine The Trickster said...

...I was gonna write, that yes, your cow bell is amazing, but why do I think it sounds a little perverted?

George said...


A bit, yes.