Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Santa Barbara's Fiesta Days

It's been a great week since I last posted. We'll start with last Thursday's trip up to Santa Barbara to partake in their annual Fiesta or at it is officially called . . .

It happens every Summer during
the first weekend in August

It is a fine excuse for a five day street party celebrating this splendid coastal city's Spanish heritage.

Street stalls are everywhere
selling everything including . . . 

Not again, MORE fans

Young Flamenco dancers
were performing in the main square

Laurie was decked out for the occasion

She still works three days a week in Santa Barbara and we met for lunch . . .

. . . and shopping

One of the Fiesta's cottage industries is the making of confetti eggs to smash on top of friend's and stranger's heads.

Good ice breakers.

Fancy ones sell 4 for $1

Great coloring ideas

Plain ones go 5 for $1 

Lots of eggs everywhere 

Lots of work for 25¢

Lots of good food as well
at reasonable prices 

Mariachi Bands were . . . 

. . . all over town

One of S.B.'s best places to eat
and enjoy a STIFF adult beverage 

After lunch with Laurie, I decided to go for a long walk down to Santa Barbara's beach area.

Dolphins at the entry to the Pier 

Beach Volleyball is a must,
especially during the London Olympics

Cartwheels are fun too!

These horses will take part in the
big parade in town on Friday

It was a very good day indeed!

If you are ever in California the first weekend in August, visit Fiesta in Santa Barbara.

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