Friday, August 10, 2012

Las Vegas Weekend

Last weekend we traveled to North Las Vegas to visit Andy and Jenn while celebrating Tank's first birthday.

Great Aunt Linda sent
this fine set of baloons

Kevin was prepared for
the big weekend except . . .

He needed a good looking shirt

For us, it was another GREAT
weekend with both Grandsons

What's this?

Tank stripped down for his first birthday cake mini-style.

Hands only, no utensils needed


Practicing Italian sign language

Birthday Bonanza

Some cake for the rest of us

Kevin's cousin Jacob
seemed to like the goings on

Lots of kids were present

Michael, Jacob, Kevin and Andy

Nice bib, er, I mean cape

We had a GREAT time and can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy being with these two little people.

The Thun Tigers Invade Las Vegas
Toni Bettschen and Adrian Jüsy

Saturday night, after Kevin's birthday party, I was off to the New York New York casino on the Vegas strip to meet two of our Tigers who were winding up a week in Sin City.

It was good to see them and share a beer while talking some football with them again.

Sunday Night Action

Months ago this game was scheduled to be Real Madrid vs. Juventus but the Italian team had to back out thus the Mexican team replaced them for this game on a very hot Las Vegas evening.

After warming up at the Hofbrähaus for a few hours, Andy, Mike and I headed to Sam Boyd Stadium for what turned out to be a very entertaining evening of soccer/futbol.

The game ended in favor of Real Madrid by a 2-1 count. The two tipsy guys in front of us were funny and as entertaining as the game itself.

All in all, a FANTASTIC weekend.


Coach Mike Contreras
with the snapping stick

I got a call from our son Mike on Tuesday asking me to help his Newbury Park H.S. Varsity team for the rest of the week while their defensive line coach was out of action for a few days.

Working Fit Drill 

It was good to get back out on the field and work with yet another good group of coaches and players if only for four days.

I definitely enjoyed this short but sweet coaching assignment!


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