Sunday, July 24, 2011

Westlake H.S. 30 Year Reunion

After literally months of planning by the Reunion Committee, last night we gathered at the Rancho de las Palmas in Moorpark, California for Westlake High School's Class of 1981's 30 year Reunion.

It promised to be a GREAT night!

In what I thought was a great idea, the Class of 1981 also invited the W.H.S. alums from the classes of 1980, 1982 and 1983 to join them in the celebration. Thus the members of the first four classes to ever graduate from Westlake had a chance to reunite for a magical evening.


The alums were welcomed at the registration table by five members of the original W.H.S. faculty.

From left to right: Marie Loretta (Business), Dan McDermot (Social Science), Gary McGinnis (Math), Nancy Bowman (Science) and George Contreras (Physical Education)

Scott and Andrea Jansen

Andrea, her maiden name was Ponticelli, was one of the main Reunion organizers. A lot of hard work by her led to a lot of fun for all in attendance.

Nick Kormanik

A truly GREAT defensive lineman for those early Warrior teams, he was a three-year starter on the Varsity squad. He would be named All-CIF for his efforts his Senior year.

Today, Nick is a gourmet chef in an exclusive Montana resort where he has even prepared meals for Presidents of the United States from what his fellow alums told me.

Original Warriors from 1978

Gary McGinnis was our Line Coach forv that first ever W.H.S. Varsity team, Rusty Weber was an ALL-CIF Linebacker, Kevin Best was a Halfback for us and I was the Head Coach.

Today, Rusty and Kevin are brothers-in-law. Kevin married Rusty's sister Shelley and now their son is going to be a star Sophomore on our son Mike's J.V. team at Newbury Park H.S.

Small world.

Larry Freed

Why should one get into teaching/coaching today?

Because you will get to meet and work with great people like Larry Freed!

Good guy, hard worker, what's not to like?

Chris Drewes

Chris looks exactly like he did 30 years ago!

Another good guy, but for goodness sakes, GAIN A FEW POUNDS!!!

Dancing the Night Away

For three plus hours I saw so many of the people who impacted my life leading productive lives. We exchanged so many old stories and warm greetings, it was just flat out fun!

Finally, the DJ started up the music and the dancing started, it was definitely time to slip out.

Again, it was a blast seeing so many people from what I always consider the Golden Years of my teaching/coaching career.

Thanks to the Reunion Committee
for all of your efforts!!!

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