Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jenn Contreras' Baby Shower

Our son Andrew and his bride Jenn are expecting their first child, a boy, in about six weeks. Young Kevin Gardner Contreras will also be our first grandchild, so needless to say, we are very excited.

After several weeks of planning, Laurie hosted a Baby Shower for Jenn yesterday afternoon.

For the rest of this post, Laurie will serve as a guest blogger to tell her story of a very joyous gathering.

Take it away, Laurie . . .

Thank you, George, for the introduction. (I really don't enjoy being a guest blogger, but this is a special occasion, so here goes . . .)

It was with GREAT pleasure that I hosted Jenn's (and Andy and Kevin's) Baby Shower yesterday. I admit to having a wonderful time planning, shopping and decorating! That enjoyment was certainly nothing compared to having so many friends and family all together for such a special event. I hope everyone had a good time and that you enjoy the photos I took. (I am no George Washington, but I tried.)

Candy Bar

In addition to a simple lunch of sandwiches and salads (with cake and ice cream, of course), there was a candy bar with little bags for the guests to fill with their favorites.

Ready for the shower

The Kitchen was ready too

Polka Dot Cake

I admit to being proud of my design.

Lunch Is Served

(Left to right in each photo)
Gayle Hicks, Linda Contreras
Marilyn Wintroath, Chuny Contreras

Cyndy Murphy, Kathy DeVera
Helen Fujita, Koreen FitzGerald
Sarah Gardner, Lisa Voivodas

Cari Brucker, Sandy Brucker
Sherry Scott, Debi Murphy
Cyndy Murphy, Kahy DeVera

Lauren Wintroath, Vanessa Contreras
Cari Brucker, Sandy Brucker

These fantastic women, many of whom came great distances, brought the most adorable gifts.

Mother-To-Be Jenn
(Amy Hicks listed the gifts for Jenn .
Sorry, Amy I didn't get your face!)

Okay, ready Jenn? BEGIN! There were so many gifts, we opted to skip the shower games. I think everyone was happy about that.

Papa-To-Be Andrew

Andrew had returned from the Rio Mesa Seven-on-Seven and Linemen's Tournament and was called into the house to open this specific gift. He refused to read it aloud in front of the Ladies, saying it was inappropriate, but did giggle when reading it to himself.

One of many delightful gifts

These ladies brought the most wonderful gifts!!! Jenn and Andrew were very touched by time, effort, and creativity spent when selecting them, not to mention how generous every one was.

Three Generations

A loving touch from Papa Andrew, Great-Grandmother Chuny and Grampa George.

As everyone was leaving, Jenn had a request and this 'generations' photo was taken. What a great idea. Thank you, Jenn. We will all treasure this picture.

Two very happy parents-to-be

To all of you who attended, as well as those who could not, thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts for the love and support you have shown this growing family. Your friendship and love is overwhelming.

Please continue to keep Jenn and Andrew (and Kevin) in your thoughts and prayers as they enter into their next adventure.

Love to you all,


Ryan Bolland said...

Samuel L. Jackson reading Andrew's gift:

Congrats, Contrerases!

Andrew said...

Thanks again for all the lovely ladies who attended. It was a very special day. A special thanks to Mom and Vanessa for setting everything up.

Ryan - Great website!