Sunday, July 17, 2011

40th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Today, Laurie and I celebrated our 40th wedding annivesary, if we had only placed a bet in Vegas . . .

July 17, 1971

That's me on the right.

Originally our plan for this weekend was to drive up to Santa Barbara City College for Rio Mesa's last 7-on-7 passing tournament of the Summer on Saturday and then enjoy a pleasant weekend getaway in this picturesque city.

Just as we were about to leave Camarillo, we got a text message from RMHS defensive Coordinator Mike Moon that the tournament had been cancelled at the very last moment.

Oh well, more time for us to enjoy one of California's treasures.

Santa Barabara's Presidio

Not a bad seat in the house

Two of my favorite things

We had coffee and a croissant for breakfast at a place called Our Daily Bread.

I wanted more.

El Paseo Nuevo

This is Spanish for "Spend Lots of Money!"

While Laurie made it a point to go into almost every store, I stayed outside to take pictures.

We were both happy.

El Paseo Nuevo is well decorated


Summer, Kids and Water

A recipe for lots of fun and some angry parents.


Laurie in the background with only ONE bag of goodies.

This is both a moral and financial victory!!!

Joe's Cafe

Perhaps the oldest restaurant on Santa Barbara's State Street. It serves good Italian food and I was getting hungrier by the second.

Shopping trumped eating.

I know this flag!

And this one too!

Santa Barabara is indeed a mecca for foreign travelers, it is known as the "American Riviera" afterall.

We heard so many of our favorite languages and accents on our walks over the two days.

Hell's Angel?

She looked dangerous to me.

Wine Tasting

I wanted food, she wanted wine tasting.

The wine was quite good and we even brought home three bottles.

Santa Barabra Harbor

Our hotel was only a five minute walk from Santa Barbara's scenic harbor and, finally, food.

We were off, at last, to Brophy Brothers for a delicious seafood dinner!!!

Lots of boats in front of Brophy Brothers

Some ocean kayaks too

Even a Water Taxi

What a great day!

Batter Up!

Slow Pitch Softball Batting Practice

Across from our hotel was this park with activity in full bloom early Sunday morning.

We decided to start our day with a leisurely walk down Carrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara's Pacific Ocean seaside walking path.

Is this Politically Correct?

At one time this was a wide spread restaurant chain, I think that this is the only one remaining in the known universe.

We had already opted for the continental breakfast in our hotel so we proceeded before any protestors arrived on the scene.

Dolphins are a common sight in these waters

We were at the corner of Carrillo Boulevard and State Street, this was the start of the weekly Santa Barbara Art Walk. This arts and crafts display stretches for several blocks and afforded Laurie the chance to purchase more wares.

An artsy VW Van

An even more artsy bus
with a VW Van for a loft!

Not so artsy,
but a vintage taxi nonetheless

For Rent

For a paltry sum, four passengers can pedal their way around the Santa Barbara beachfront.

Not us.

Beach Skate Park

While Laurie continued her search for the "Perfect Knick-Knack," I opted to check out what was going on here.

Defying Gravity


I'm way too old for this.

The Art Walk was in full bloom now

"Get Your Hula Hoops!
Get Your Red Hot Hula Hoops!!!"

Tempting but no.

Jewelry Shopping

If any single picture can capture the mood of one of our typical vacations, no matter the country or continent, this is it!

Where is Koreen?

Who wouldn't want to take home
an authentic Australian Didgeridoo?

A Didgeridoo is the Australian Aborigine pipe, not the woman who is playing this one.

Haunting but yet again, no.


We actually did buy one of this artist's other copper tubing sculptures for Laurie's garden.

Sailing to nowhere

I liked the colors of this billowing sail. We watched it for about five minutes as we walked but it did not move. Good thing or it would have been a heck of a crash into the beach.

We were now ready to head down the coast to another beach city, Carpinteria. There were positive rumors concerning The Barbeque Company, a restaurant that we had yet to visit.

It was really good! The rumors were not wrong. I enjoyed a fine Cuban sandwich of Texas size proportions.

After lunch, we continued down to Ventura to a spot called Surfer's Point. The waves were small but we were still in for a visual treat.

Kite Surfing

A strong on-shore breeze made this a perfect day for kite surfing.

Lots of Speed in Kite Surfing




July 17, 2011

Forty great years later, I'm still the one on the right.

Great weekend . . .
Better Life!!!

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