Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carpinteria Beach 4th of July

Alhambra, California

I saw this fireworks stand in Alhambra last week when I was out shopping for my Mother.

Not many cities in California still allow the sales of fireworks in a lead up to America's Independence Day festivities. In our own Ventura County, only rebellious Fillmore still sells them.

Instead of people trying to torch themselves and/or their homes, most cities now hold huge fireworks shows at a local park or school for people to enjoy more safely.

These fireworks stands are another iconic piece of Americana that will someday soon fade from sight.

Can't the NRA do something about this?

The FitzGerald's Family Beach Retreat

For the 4th of July, we were invited by Brian and Koreen FitzGerald to join their family and friends at their beach compound in nearby Carpinteria. It sounded like great fun so we of course accepted and were treated to a great day at "The World's Safest Beach."

Checking Out the Carpinteria Beach Scene

After getting our fill of snacks and ice cold beverages, Brian and I headed out on a walk down the beach to see what everybody was doing on a sun baked afternoon.

Some were floating

Some were challenging the waves

Some built sand castles

Some reveled in being buried alive

Others gave skim boarding a try

While a few went rowing

Lifeguard on Duty

Where was the tan and the six-pack abs?

Feeling better but it was no Baywatch

Family blow-up Hover Craft?


Now THERE'S a Baywatch moment

Beach Frisbee is always fun

Strolling with that special someone


I opted for "C. Neither"

Tar and Algae

In days gone by, the local Chumash Indians would come to Carpinteria to use the tar that you see here at the Pacific Ocean's edge to waterproof their fishing boats.

Today it mostly is used to stick to beach goers' feet as a gentle reminder of their day in Carpinteria.

Paddleball is popular

Wave Runners are always fun

Kids, bucket, shovel, beach . . .

Raider Fans Were In The House!

No, Not Ghost Ships

Those are off-shore oil wells in the distance.

Tubing can be fun

Here it comes!

Catch It!





No matter what people tried, they all seemed to have a great day at the beach!

Fun at the Kid's Park

Late in the afternoon, Tom FitzGerald and I walked his daughter, niece and their two friends for a 20 minute change of pace from the beach.

It was a good training session for my impending Grandfatherhood.

All sorts of flags were up around Carpinteria

Flaming orange flowers on our park walk

The beach day is coming to a close


Thanks FitzGerald family and friends for a wonderful 4th of July!


Ryan Bolland said...

"Who is that creepy old guy with the camera?"

"I don't know, but he took your picture while you were walking towards the water."

George said...

"No expectation of privacy in public places," - The Paparazzi Code

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