Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Return to Sicily . . . "Excursion to Tindari"

No, not physically, just through the eyes of a Sicilian crime novel.

When Denver Wade and his friend Seth dropped by over the weekend, Denver left me a book written by a Sicilian author, Andrea Camilleri.

Camilleri has authored a series of crime novels based on a central character, Inspector Salvo Montalbano of the Vigata Police Force. Vigata is a fictional town that is purportedly near the very real and ancient city of Agrigento.

I have been to Agrigento several times to visit their incredible Greek Temples and Archeaological Museum, so I am somewhat familiar with the area that he writes about in this quick and easy read.

The book included the Mafia, passionate love affairs (Are there any other kinds in Sicily?), kidnappings, murders and, of course, the internet.

Camilleri has written at least four other book in the Inspector Montalbano series.

For more information on the area that Camilleri writes about, go to:

Thanks, Denver.

Here I go again.

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