Saturday, July 9, 2011

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! Maybe not so much in Italy

I believe that it was legendary Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant who preached for years his #1 Axiom of Football . . .

Apparently, Coach Bryant never made it to Italy before passing away.

The 2011 Italian Football League's Super Bowl game was played today at Parma's Stadio XXV Aprile - Via del Popolo between the #1 seeded (10-0) Bologna Warriors and the #2 seeded (8-2) Parma Panthers.

The game would be played using NCAA Rules except that the quarters would be 12 minutes each like in American high school games, not the 15 minute quarters played by college and NFL teams.

In an upset, the Parma Panthers won their second straight IFL Super Bowl 75-62!!!

I can't remember what Coach Bryant's #2 Axiom of Football was.

Maybe it was . . .
"The Team With the Most Points at the End of the Game Wins"

Congratulations Parma!!!

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