Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rolling Along

Congratulations to our son Michael who started his first day teaching Social Science classes at Hueneme H.S. in Ventura County, California today! He is also coaching the Vikings' J.V. football team. Good luck Michael!

Last notes on a Monday night in Estella, population 13,000. . .

I had dinner with St. Ulf of Germany, martyr. He has an unbelievable outlook on the Camino despite a blister that is about to rip his Achilles tendon to shreds. I took a picture of it but only fourth year medical students should be allowed to view it. Ste. Trine of Denmark, martyr, also dined with us and has a similar killer blister on her heel. They are both dying for the sake of the Camino, hence their new shared martyr status.

Also dining with us were Ste. Michelle of Germany, Julie of Quebec and Ann of Toronto. Julie told us of a German couple she met on the Camino. The wife is carrying three pairs of stilettoes in her backpack??? If I can see her to confirm this rumor, she will be elevated to being the Patron Saint of Stupid People.

We had a great time dining on a very nice plaza as the town of Estella came alive in the evening. It was awesome to watch the very exciting nightlife of the town awaken. One limon gelato and it was time for bed.

Estella to Los Arcos
Distance 21.7 km/13.5 miles
Time on the Camino: 4 hours and 54 minutes!

Total Distance Covered
136.1 km/84.6 miles
Total Time on the Camino
40 hours and 02 minutes

Distance to Santiago de Compostela
662.5 km/411.7 miles

Blasted off at 6:39 a.m. I walked with Ste. Michelle for the first 7.5 km when we took a five minute break for water and a Spanish energy bar. As near as I can tell, the energy bar must have been laced with amphetamines because I found myself in Turbo Mode and couldn't stop truly truckin'! I got to my goal for the day, the Albergue Casa de Austria in Los Arcos, population 1,300, at 11:30 and had to wait half an hour for it to open.

Eventually, all of my usual Camino mates got here and we continued to share/enjoy the Camino experience.

For lunch, at a stop at a small bodega we found orange juice, chorizo, cheese and bread. Let the feast begin!

I'm on a roll, a 33 day roll.




steveswindle said...

"Turbo Mode", eh? Bet you slept well that night, haha!!!
I'm loving following you, what a great adventure.

Congratulations Michael!! First day of High to speak.
My son Josh is in his first day of HS today too....Cam High. Frosh football too, so you know we are loving it.

Well Sir, keep on "truly trucking" and we'll definitely do those Cronies Schooners when you return. Oh wait, had a couple last night at our "coaches meeting"...hoisted one in YOUR honor. Cheers!!

David said...

For anyone who wants to see the route George is following, I went looking for maps of the Camino online and kind of like this one: