Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is That All You've Got?

Villafranca del Bierzo to O'Cebreiro
30.9 km/19.2 miles
Time Walked, 7:07

Total Distance Walked, 634.7 km/394.4 miles
Total Time Walked, 152:38
26 Nights in Albergues, 14 Euros

Distance to Santiago de Compostela
163.9 km/101.8 miles

Team North America left the albergue at 7:08 a.m. for what promised to be our third straight difficult day, we were not disappointed in the least!

I was able to reach O'Cebreiro, population 50, by 2:15 p.m. and was pleased with my effort. The problem today was elevation, we would go up a mountainside 600 meters, almost 2,000 feet, during the last 8.2 km of our stroll today, grueling!!!

It was tough but WE WON! Is that all you've got Spain? Is that your best shot Camino? It was a great day for the triumph of the human spirit. My Abuela gave me massive amounts of energy today during the last two hours.

Only seven more days left on the Camino.

Today was like walking through the Pacific Northwest or Vermont perhaps, gorgeous scenery to ease the pain.

There were Spanish bagpipes playing in the distance today, very traditional in these parts. Also, the local Gallegos do not like the fact that all the road signs are in Spanish so they paint over them with the Gallego spelling of towns, confusing.

I saw my first Peregrino doing the Camino on horseback today as well.

We have entered the province of Galicia now and people here are very proud of their province from what I can tell.

Upon further review of Ste. Jillian's desire to name her first born son after a Nestle's ice cream bar, if she does, and he keeps his mother's maiden name, he would be Maxibon Rambow. . . how cool a name would that be!!!

Vamos Bien!


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