Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Long Day

Final thoughts from a Sunday in Molinaseca. . .

They had a very nice, hilltop church in town with very colorful ornamentation inside.

We opted for eating al fresco and had a delicious chorizo al vino with cheese bocadillo with another ice cold beer, good choices indeed.

As expected after the grind of the day, I had my best night of sleep yet on the Camino!

Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo
30.7 km/19.1 miles
Time Walked, 8:13

Total Distance Walked, 603.8 km/375.2 miles
Total Time Walked, 145:31
25 Nights in Albergues, 139 Euros

Distance to Santiago de Compostela
194.8 km/121.0 miles

Out the door at 6:57, I would walk most of the day with Ste. Julie and Ste. Jillian. We took our time and stopped for Cafe con Leche and an apple pastry in Ponferrada across from the awesome Castle of the Knights Templar. It was here that Ste. Jaime rejoined our troop with two new members of Team North America, Greg and Kim, friends of Ste. Jaime also from San Diego.

We went through a lot of corn fields again today but other than a few kernels in salads, we never see corn on the menus.

Many of the villages that we walk through are so small that they don't have a lot of services. So, to take up the slack, butchers, fruit venders and bakers drive their wares into these hamlets and sell the locals what they need out of their trucks. I especially like the bakers who drive around in the morning honking their horns for people to come out and buy pan. It reminds me of the old Helms Bakery trucks in southern California back in the 1950's.

I'll land in Los Angeles two weeks from today at 12:55 p.m. . . YAHOO!!!! It's time and I'm ready, almost, only eight more days to go on the Camino.

At Cacabelos we stopped for a great lunch in a bar called Pulpera Compostela. Serrano ham is awfully good with cheese in a bocadillo.

Our two food stops would come back to haunt us as we had to walk two hours in the heat of the day and it got up into the high 90º's F today! Lesson learned, tomorrow we strato-streak!

We started talking about what we would eat first when we got back to our home towns. Ste. Julie wants Canadian bacon and an iced cappucino at Tim Horton's. Ste. Jillian's choice was hot carrots (?). Ste. Jamie wants a huge breakfast at the Original Pancake House. As for me, double-double with grilled onions please.

The last two hours today in the heat were offset by some incredible scenery as we marched through forests and beautiful vineyards that were being harvested as we passed. By the end, I felt like a paparazzi spying on the Spanish wine industry.

Ste. Julie, the ice cream addict, has now turned Ste. Jillian to the dark side as well. So much so that Ste. Jillian swears that she will name her first born son Maxibon. That is the Nestle's ice cream that is at the top of their Spanish helado hit parade. I can still quit ice cream anytime I want, it's just that I don't want to right now.

At dinner tonight we were joined by two sisters, Lise, originally from Quebec, Canada but now living in Tours, France and her sister, Madeline, who still resides in Quebec. Nice ladies who added a lot to the ambiance at another great Peregrino meal.

Vamos Bien!




steveswindle said...

Who in their right mind would WANT to quit ice cream?

Your weight loss is a testament to the power of several hours a day of walking....especially with your eating exploits. My mouth waters every time you write about your lunches and dinners.

Have you met a retired Corrections Officer from Alaska on your venture? I was telling an old Army buddy about your blog and your Camino and he swears an old friend of his is there now doing the same thing. Thought I would ask since Ken asked me about him.

See you soon and Thirsty Chicken Wings and Schooners at Cronies are on order for us....and some stories from you as a repayment.

Bien Viaje y Salud!!

George said...

I did meet a man from Alaska on my 2nd or 3rd day but I have notseen him since then.