Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Camino Provides

Final thoughts from a Monday night in Arca do Pino. . .

I could not fall asleep last night for two reasons, one was obviously the anticipation of reaching the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela today and the other was a thought that kept attacking my consciousness from earlier in the day.

When I started to research the Camino de Santiago and the trials, tribulations and hardships it presents you, I remember reading somewhere not to worry, "The Camino Provides."

After I discovered this weird blister on our 32nd day of walking, I went across the street to a Spanish Red Cross First Aid station. I had only seen two of these in the last three weeks of walking, but when I needed it, "The Camino Provides."

When I got my first blister weeks ago, there were fellow pilgrims who stepped up and helped me then too, "The Caminio Provides."

When I got irritated at boorish, selfish or negative pilgrims, Ste. Jaime was there with infinite patience, goodness and oozing with positology, "The Camino Provides."

When I got tired walking at a brisk pace, Ste. Jillian would be there to spur me on to our next destination, "The Camino Provides."

When I was down in the dumps and lonesome for family and friends, Ste. Julie would be there with a smile in her ever so warm heart to bolster my spirits, "The Camino Provides."

When I felt weirded out, Ste. Trine would start talking about equally far out things and make me feel normal again, "The Camino Provides."

When I thought about my 63 years and how little relatively time is left, I met three girls from Oregon, Keeley, Anna and Evan who just graduated from college, have their whole lives ahead of them and live each day to the fullest. They reminded me to do the same with each day I have left, "The Camino Provides."

Today when we entered Santiago and reached the Cathedral I definitely needed some one to share the joy, Team North America, Ste. Julie and Ste. Jillian were there for me, "The Camino Provides."

Arca do Pino to Santiago de Compostela
20.6 km/12.8 miles
Time Walked, 4:31

Total Distance Walked, 798.6 km/496.2 miles
Total Time Walked, 192:31
32 Nights in Albergues, 192 Euros
2 Nights in the 4 Star Hotel Compostela, 216.50 Euros


Out the door at 5:54, we wanted to reach Santiago in time for the noon Pilgrim's Mass. We made it in plenty of time to get our Compostela before the Mass, take pictures and celebrate.

The Mass was highlighted by a priest's singing that was the worst ever! Better yet was the gigantic swinging incense thurber that was hoisted and swung so high that we couldn't see the end of its arc from our seats, quite impressive!

All in all the Camino was a great experience that I will carry with me the rest of my life, now it is time to go home, but not until we celebrarte!



itzbfitz said...

CONGRATULATIONS--what an accomplishment!!!

"The Camino provides...
...and the Dude abides!"

Great job, Dude.

steveswindle said...

Congratulations George...you are truly an inspiration!!!!

Dick Bellman said...

How amazing what the Camino provided for you. At the same time, for those of us back home you provided for us as well. You provided us with an inspiring story, of history, religion, culture, food, architecture, and insight into the human spirit. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. Most of all congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment. Now go celebrate, but leave some celebratory room for when you return to Camarillo.

Johan said...

Congrats George! Great job and fun following your ups and downs on the Camino.

Claud said...

I followed you through your Camino...what a great accomplishment!
Congrats George!

Terry said...

Congrats on your long trek. Amazingly enough I was flipping channels last night and there appeared a show on the Camino. Truly showed some of the countryside that you trekked through and it looked hot. Showed some of the places to stay and people of all different ages including a 73 year old woman walking alone. Congrats again.

steveswindle said...

The Camino provided for you, but really it was God giving you those gifts along your Camino. He always knows exactly what we need and you got a good dose of it.
I have enjoyed reading your adventures more than anything in a very long time, so thanks for sharing with all of us.
Ice cold Schooners coming your way soon.

Il Capo said...

Great Job George

You are GREAT!

itzbfitz said...

¿Oye Jorge, estas hibernando? Lo mereces, pero me he acostumbrado a leer tu blog cada dia. Debes compartir, peregrino.

George said...


Saying goodbyes to the Saints and travel day with limited internet access slowed me down but the blog will be back up soon.