Monday, September 13, 2010

American Football Updates From Around the Globe!

This past weekend's key results. . .

Mike Contreras' Hueneme H.S. J.V. team is now 1-1 after beating Santa Clara 24-13.

Rio Mesa beat San Marcos 17-0 to open their season.

The Washington Huskies are also now 1-1 after beating Syracuse 41-20.

Jason Johnson's Pacific Lutheran Lutes are 1-0 after beating Hamline 27-20 in Minnesota.

Scott Fujita's Cleveland Browns opened the NFL campaign in Tampa Bay where the Bucs won 17-14.

In the last weekend of the SAFF Division I football pool playoffs there were mixed reults for our two Division I Södra teams.

In Group I, Ystad (3-0) beat Göteborg (0-3) 13-6 to go 3-0 in pool play. Nyköping (2-1) beat Uppsala (1-2) 28-7 in the other Group I game.


In Group II, Kristianstad (1-2) lost again, this time to Örebro (3-0) 22-19. Västerås (2-1) beat Stockholm (0-3) 32-6 in the other Group II game.

Next weekend, two last place Superseies teams, Arlanda and Djurgården face relegation in games against the two Division I pool playoff winners.

The schedule will be:
Ystad (10-1-1) at Djurgården (0-10) and
Örebro (13-0) at Arlanda (4-6)



David said...

One other football note: Cal Lutheran upset #4 Linfield 47-42 ... and plays Pacific Lutheran next.

George said...

Lutheran Wars!!!