Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Recruiting Continues

The search for a lineman, our third and final import continues.

Today I was in contact with Brandon Bennett from Willamette University in Oregon who was highly recommended by his head coach Mark Speckman. Brandon just finished his Senior season, is a two-time Division III All-American offensive lineman and earlier this month played in the Aztec Bowl.  The Aztec Bowl is an All-Star game between players from Division III and players from colleges in Mexico.

Brandon, who is from the San Diego area, seems very interested in the opportunity but needs time to sort out all the details.

After Christmas shopping this afternoon I went to Borders in Thousand Oaks. While browsing in the travel section I talked to a girl, probably a sophomore in high school, who was marveling at a contest Borders is sponsoring. The prize is two tickets to Italy and requires you, in 25 words or less, to say why you want to go to Italy. She just started babbling about how she has always dreamed of going to Italy and about how much she wants to learn to speak Italian. I advised her to write that down and send it in. It then made me smile to think I AM going to Italy and I HAVE STARTED learning Italian!

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