Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Farewell Tour's Last Stop

The "George Contreras Farewell Tour" made it's last stop before flying to the Continent this Wednesday at former Rio Mesa counselor Betty Bright's home last night.

A potluck dinner affair, Melissa Gunnels helped with the cooking (spaghetti was the main dish), Dick Bellman brought some really good Sicilian red wine (portent of things to come?) and Koreen FitzGerald brought munchies and desserts. As always the usual suspects showed up, i.e., Joe Mollica, Shi Young Kim, John Tierney, Brian FitzGerald, Ben Todd and his brothers.

The food and drink were good but the sharing of friendship was better. It was good to see John Tierney. He has been out of the loop for awhile and it was fun seeing his wit at full strength again. As I have said before, the excitement of the impending adventure is constantly being challenged by the apprehension I feel for leaving my family and friends behind for six months. In the last few weeks I've really come to appreciate how much I enjoy the people who are near and dear to me. I am truly blessed with a great wife, two wonderful sons and their charming girlfriends. As for my friends, I guess the two common threads they all possess are a zest for life and the ability to make me smile and laugh constantly.

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