Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Elephants Get a New Schedule

The Italian Football League (IFL) has reissued the 2008 schedule of games for the league.

In an attempt to avoid confusion, I am going to simply go back to the Wednesday, December 12th post on this blog and make the necessary changes. The one good thing is that our three BYE weeks are now spread out rather than the last schedule that gave us two BYEs in the first five weeks of the season.

My advisers, Chris Pagliaro and Paul Petrich, have taught me that when dealing with the IFL it is best to be calm and flexible. I shall try.

If you want to test your Italian then you might want to visit these two websites. Information on the Italian Football League can be found at
www.ifleague.it . You can also find up-to-date news on your Elephants at www.elephantscatania.it .

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