Friday, December 7, 2007

Dinner with the Legends

Had the opportunity to drive up to Santa Barbara tonight to have dinner and talk football with John Reardon, Brian Husted, Carmen DiPaolo, Chris Pagliaro and Paul Petrich at Paul's home. All five of these men are longtime Ventura County and Santa Barbara County football coaches.

Before during and after dinner we talked football. Great discussions about philosophy, old football war stories and the current state of the coaching profession.

The best part for me tonight was getting to talk football coaching in Europe with Chris and Paul. They have both gone to Europe on several occasions coaching in Finland, France, Spain, Austria and, of course,

Chris coached one season in
Milano while Paul coached the Defensive Line for Bergamo in 2001 when they won the European Super Bowl.

They both offered very funny stories and encouragement that I think will help in my transition to
Catania. Both of them have nothing but fond memories of their time in Italy.

They were enthusiastic about the challenges that I'm about to face, especially with the GREAT food I will soon be consuming! Fortunately, Kansas Head Coach Mark
Mangino is my role model.

The net result of this evening was to further increase my excitement for the adventure that is getting ever closer.

I do have one question though, how could a great guy named Carmen DiPaolo have not ever set foot in Italia much less coached there?

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bgannon said...

I played football for Coach Reardon and Wrestled for Coach Petrich 1980-1981
These men had a hand in making me the man I am today.(a good one)
They are truely Legends to me, Thank you Coach's
Bob Gannon