Saturday, December 29, 2007

Preparation and IFL news

Had another great lunch at Maria's Italian Kitchen in Encino today with a long time friend from my University of Washington days, Mike D'Antuono. He and his wife Susan had a whole gift bag of Italian themed goodies for me including four hats and the travel bag pictured here. They also gave me a bottle of champagne and a very interesting Callpod Charger that allows me to charge up to seven different electronic devices at the same time. The red, white and green ski cap with SICILIA woven into the front and back looks exceptionally good on me.

Today was also a busy day on the electronics front. My Garvin 670 GPS device that includes maps of North America and Europe arrived. Used the drive to Encino as a practice run for it, it was outstanding. It has great graphics as well as excellent voice directions. It should be an excellent tool in Italy. Additionally I went to AT&T to add a European plan to our existing service and upgrade my phone. I purchased a "
Mount Etna Magma Red" (one of our Catania Elephants' official team colors) Blackberry with all the bells and whistles, might as well travel in style.

I also stopped by my optometrist's office to have my glasses checked before I leave. I had a delightful chat about Italy with Kim who has done all the repairing and tweaking on my frames and lenses for several years now. She is another good hearted person that makes a town like Camarillo a great place to live.

On the IFL front, our opening opponent, the Milan Rhinos, just got a whole lot better. They announced this week that they have signed John Stocco to be their Quarterback. According to the press release, Stocco was a three year starter for the University of Wisconsin and was the MVP of last year's Capitol One Bowl game. They also added a running back out of Holy Cross by the name of Steve Silva. The league gets better and the challenges are becoming more interesting.

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