Monday, December 17, 2007

Going Away Functions

Today Laurie and I were treated to a "Going Away Picnic" courtesy of Craig Weiman who played football for me as a lineman at Westlake H.S. in the early 1980's. He organized the potluck picnic at a park next to Thousand Oaks H.S. where Westlake played their "home" games back in the day.

It was great to see John Baillie, Molly Slavin and Bill Fisher's parents there. Their sons were great players for the Warriors and they were GREATER boosters of our program. They were parents with a clear vision of what the role of high school football should be in their children's educational progress. Thank goodness for the many parents like them I have met over the years.

It was equally great to see old friends like Larry Freed, Scott Winkler, Craig Slavin, Steve Chopp, Bill Fisher, Gene McMillion, Pat Lynch, Jeff Smith and Charlie Wegher (I hope I didn't forget anyone). It was fun to see their wives and kids too.

The eleven years I was the Head Coach at Westlake H.S. (1978-88) were probably the most rewarding of my coaching career. I feel closer to those parents and players than any other place I've coached. I always look forward to seeing the players from those years who are now all in their 40's and living happy lives from what I can tell.

The picnic was a joy, THANKS CRAIG!

Along the lines of farewells and thank yous, I have forgotten to mention that Rod Fujita and Laurie put on a surprise farewell party (
the three picture above) for me at Cucina Isabella, an Italian (of Course) restaurant here in Camarillo about two weeks ago.

I had no clue, thinking only that we were going out to dinner with our friends Koreen and Brian FitzGerald and Helen and Rod Fujita. It was a delight to find about 30 friends from primarily Rio Mesa H.S. and our days at the University of Washington there. The evening and the great meal that the Cucina's owners Gino and Connie Milano prepared for us was a big success.

GRAZIE Rod and Laurie for the fun we had and the surprise I had.

All this attention has been flattering, very unexpected and a lot of fun. I realize more each day the truly great people who I have been fortunate to meet in the last 60 years and how much they all mean to me.

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ckitty said...

Maxine Gorrie told me of your blog which is fascinating. Our grand daughter and her husband taught English in Bologna for a year and fell in love with everything Italian. They have a blog that might interest you...italianallen. I'm passing yours along to them. They are Claire and Scott Allen. Will enjoy following your doings.
Carolyn Stillman