Saturday, October 21, 2017

Yet Another Amazing Day in Paris

Friday, October 21, 2017:

The big Deal-of-theDay was a visit to the d'Orsay Museum featuring artwork from 1848 to 1914.

It picks up where the Louvre left off yesterday and is renowned for its collection of Impressionist masterpieces.

But first, as look around our neighborhood . . .

Good spot

Not sure but I'm OK with it

The closest Metro stop to our
AirBnB apartment

Laurie loves chocolate too

We got off of the Metro at the Tuileries Garden and opted to take a nice walk through said gardens on our way to the d'Orsay Museum.

Heck of a time to break a leg!

Carry me

Buffed guy

Nice gardens, of course

Who put this in the Tuileries?

REALLY nice gardens

It is indeed Fall
There it is, the d'Orsay Museum

We first had to cross the River Seine

Sandy and Loren ready for
their Art History 102 class

Let the art lesson begin



Students on an Art History
Field Trip

Under the Big Clock
inside the d'Orsay which was once
a train station

How did Amaury-Duval
paint this without a graphic
design specialist

Now THAT'S a beheading!

Pomp and Circumstance

Party at the Sigma Nu house!

"These new Impressionists
drive me nuts!"

Jean-François Millet's
"The Gleaners"

More Realism

I just liked it

Edouard Manets'

Such detailed work

Realistic clothing from marble

How did the artist do this 
without computers?

Chicks DIG tambourine players!

Gustave Coubet's
"The Painter's Studio"

What an amazing building

As I said, The d'Orsay
used to be a train station

One of the d'Orsay's two big clocks
from the inside

Wait, what's that just inside the number VIII . . .

. . . Why it's the Sacré-Cœur

"Luncheon on the Grass"

Manet's picnic's were way different than mine. 

Studying each other's
Impressionist painting techniques

Perfect Impressionist Painting

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's
Dance at the Moulin de la Galette

Paris Parade

Gustave Caillebotte masterpiece

Paul Cézanne's
"The Card Players"

One of Claude Monet's
many paintings of
the Cathedral in Rouen
Another Monet, I believe

Vincent Van Gogh's
"Bedroom at Arles"

Van Gogh's
"Starry Night Over the Rhône"

Van Gogh's
"The Church at Auvers"

Sandy and Vincent

Or is that our waiter from the other night back in Lyon?

Art imitating life

Or vice-versa.

One last look at the d'Orsay's
wonderful clock

Outside of the d'Orsay,
we were strolling the River Seine
yet again

Why wouldn't we?

More art everywhere
you look in Paris!

Interesting spot near
the Pont Neuf

Lots of Love Locks
overlooking that same spot
by the Pont Neuf

We were headed to one more tourist site, and an old church to boot.


It was built by Saint Louis, the King of France, in the 13th century to house the relics of the Passion of Christ.

Sainte-Chapelle's entryway

Saint Louis
and stained glass

I mean LOTS of stained glass!

Nothing but stained glass

Everywhere you looked

But we all loved it

A Rose Window
but of course!

Where the main altar
once stood

Such great colors . . .

. . . and details too

Sandy was in awe

Sandy and Loren
in Sainte-Chapelle

One last view of

Nice Fleur-de-Lis
floor tile

Even the Sainte-Chapelle
pillars were . . .


The French Supreme Court building
is located right next to

Sainte-Chapelle on the left,
French Supreme Court on the right

Paris' Opéra Garnier

They do indeed have majestic buildings all over this city.

The Gang of Three
in front of Opera Garnier

We were on to the Galeries Lafayette
Department Store to meet up
with Mark and Susie for lunch


What an AMAZING department store!

Lots of levels,
ALL artistic!

Under the Galleries Lafayette Dome

After a great lunch, we ambled over to the Galeries Lafayette's food hall . . .

Oh My!

Eclair anyone?

Macaron Heaven

Mounds of Exotic Spices

Such aromas

Produce is probably
good for you too I imagine

So is fruit I'm told

Perfect Gooseberries

250 Euros/kilo for this cut
of meat?


Glazed paté

I love seafood

But I love chocolate MORE!

Fun sign back at our apartment

It was time to eat dinner again and Susie found an incredible spot once again.

It was packed inside but it was
a bit too cool to dine outside

They had a license
which was good

Susie liked the floor tiles

We all loved these appetizers

It turned into the BEST meal to date

That is our waiter Thierry in the background who has a great spirit for his work.

The scallops were good but the sauce that they were served in was incredible!

For dessert, the Brazilian chocolate ice cream had an incredible and surprising flavor that may have made it the best chocolate ice cream that I have tasted.

What an amazing dining experience!

How much weight are we gaining with all of this amazing French cuisine we are eating?

Not much I suspect . . .

Saturday we are off to Normandy to visit the D Day Omaha and Utah landing beaches, the American Cemetery plus the village of Sainte-Mère-Eglise.

Stay tuned . . .

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