Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another Weekend of Football, Both American and World

A quiet week highlighted by my visit to the two schools playing in the Ventura County Star's Game-of-the-Week on Friday. As usual, I would be doing the color commentary for the Star.

On paper, the Newbury Park at Oaks Christian game should have been a good one.

The Newbury Park Panthers
were 4-2 coming into the game

They were also ranked #8 in the C.I.F. Division III poll.

The Oaks Christian Lions
were also 4-2 on the season

The Lions were ranked #3 in the C.I.F. Division II poll this week.

It was a BEAUTIFUL night for
American football at Oaks Christian!

 The game was most definitely NOT
played on paper 

The final score was as brutal as the game itself . . .
Oaks Christian 48 - Newbury Park 0

Saturday's big contest was in Camarillo as the Green Machine took on our . . .


Fighting for the ball under Gigi's
intense gaze

Young Jacob using some advanced
DB arm techniques to slow down his man

 The battle continues at the goal

Post Game Huddle includes tying
shoe laces and being leaned
on for Coach Mike

Jacob loves the Post Game
high to medium fives

I have decided to do a lot more blogging posting for the next couple of weeks. It's good for the soul, Paul and Mike.

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