Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A FULL Day in Lyon!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017:

A fun day in Lyon started out with five sleepy, jet lagged people and me.

The three guardians across the
street from our Airbnb in Lyon

Lyon's old theater

The Jet Lagged Five
finally ready for action

The atomic clock inside
Lyon's St-Jean Cathedral

A close up look at the
atomic clock

High ceilings are a must
in any European Cathedral

The Pulpit

How old are these
Cathedral chairs

The Cathedral itself is over 700 years old.

Meanwhile on the mean streets of Vieux Lyon at some point Sandy . . .

. . . lost her moral compass

This is more like it!


Shopping for needed scarves

Lunch at a fine Lyon Bouchon

Post-lunch Team Photo

Our great friends from our
2012-13 Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons
12-0 National Championship team

Julien Urgenti, on the left, was our General Manager and Ismael "El Catalan" Sánchez was our KICK-ASS Free Safety.

We spent a great two hours at this lunch reliving old times and solving many of the world's problems.

But not the Donald Trump problem.

96 flavors of AMAZING
ice cream and gelato

Random artwork to fill in
a crack in the sidewalk

Lyon's sidewalk cafe scene

In front of Lyon's Hotel de Ville

That is Lyon's City Hall.

Reflections at the Monoprix Store

At Lyon's Place Bellecour

Such Detail!

At Lyon's Basilica de Notre Dame

The Basilica's cool door

Tile in the Basilica

Lots of tile

Trying hard to reform Sandy

Camino de Santiago memories

The view of the greater Lyon
megalopolis from the Basilica

Dinner at Restaurant Thomas
with more French friends

Sandy with our waiter at
Restaurant Thomas

We were led to believe that he is Vincent van Gogh's great-great-great grandson.

See the family resemblance?

At dinner we were joined by
some of Mark's French friends

Emmanuelle, Jacques, Angelie and Cecille were great fun.

When I coached here in 2012-13, Mark hooked me up with them and the hosted me for an amazing Sunday brunch in their home.


No need to worry about all
the food we ate today since
we walked this much!

On Thursday we split up the team.

Mark and Susie will head to Provence for a couple of days while Loren, Sandy, Laurie and I are off the Mombarruzo, Italy to visit the mountain village where Sandy's grandfather was born.

The fun continues.

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