Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The First Week Home From Our Wonderful Vacation

had to battle severe jet lag for the first three or four days upon returning to Camarillo, something that I have not had to do nearly as much on past trips across the Atlantic Ocean from east to west.

First up on the agenda was picking up more donated gear for EuroBall teams in Spain and Italy.

A big THANK YOU to Debi Murphy for letting me borrow her truck in order to make the pick up of the donations much easier.

 The first school donating gear
was Malibu H.S.

The Sharks donated a ton
of shoulder pads . . .

. . . and so did Camarillo H.S.

I can not say thank you enough to Malibu H.S. Head Coach Terry Shorten and Camarillo H.S. Head Coach Jack Willard for helping the game to grow overseas!

Next on the agenda was interviewing Jason Klein, the Head Coach at Newbury Park H.S., and Ryan Huisenga, the Head Coach at Moorpark H.S. about the Friday night Ventura County Star's Game-of-the-Week.

I would once again be doing the color commentary for the podcast. 

Hey, I was just in Italy

And I may be going back again soon.

Game Time

Moorpark Musketeers (7-1) 
Ranked #5 in C.I.F. Division V
Newbury Park Panthers (4-4)
Unranked in C.I.F. Division III

Moorpark was big, physical and really good, the Panthers would have to play a great game in order to win.

Moorpark's Noah Cronquist #14
took this pass to the house!

Moorpark's Alec Powell #30
dives in for SIX!

Newbury Park's QB
Cameron Rising #7 avoiding the rush

Fundamentally, the better team won the game comfortably as the Moorpark Musketeers improved to 8-1 on the season with a convincing 41-28 victory.

The Newbury Park Panthers dropped to 4-5 on the campaign.

On Saturday it was Game Day for the mighty Ninja Sharks, their last Game Day of the year sadly.

 Jacob was ready

One of the parents gave each boy a blue headband for the game.


Mary was there to root on
the Ninja Sharks

Coach Mike with some
last minute strategy

He would have to have his Ninja Sharks playing at peak levels against a group of . . .

 . . . YIKES!

Let the Game Begin!

Jacob marking his man

The Ninja Sharks were mesmerized 
by this All-Stars dance moves

 Then they tried to copy him

Tongue wagging

Mary and the injured
Ninja Shark Joey

Run to the ball!

Ninja Sharks Coaching Staff

One of the Head Coach's
many game time duties

All about the fun

Driving for the goal,
he shoots . . .

. . . HE SCORES!

One happy Ninja Shark!



Death on the Pitch

In the finest European traditions of the game, this All-Star who we all believed to be deceased actually bounced up and played the rest of the game with no noticeable limp.

 Last post-game run-through
tunnel of the season

Fun in the Goal

Mary did not quite
uproot this baseball

On Saturday night we had Jacob for a sleepover.

Jacob checking out
Laurie's many scary pumpkins

No fear of anything
remotely Halloween related

I enjoyed reading the Sunday
comics to Jacob

Monday with Mary

She is so much fun to have in the house twice a week!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Reading Is FUNdamental!

Another GREAT read
from Peter May!

If you like suspense/mystery novels, then you really need to start reading one of the many tomes by Scottish writer Peter May.


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