Friday, October 20, 2017

Street Markets and Art History 101: The Louvre

Thursday, October 19, 2017:

Whoa Nellie! We were at it again with yet another exploratory trek into ever intriguing streets of Paris.

 We left our home at
Maison Pierre Chanzy
at around 10:30 a.m.

 Laurie found a Hardware
Store near us

Her father Bill owned a hardware store in Montrose, California and Laurie's first job at the age of about 8, was working that same establishment.

 Laurie explaining why
she married me

 Latin Dance classes in Paris

We should all take one this weekend.

We ran into a street market.

 Ripe Tomatoes

Halloween is coming up soon

Colorful veggies

 Sandy and Laurie checking
out the mushrooms

Grapes belong in a bottle!

Citrus Fruits

Looks dangerous to me!


There were knik-knaks for sale too
 Shiny things caught Laurie' gaze

Creme Brûlée spoons

Two old codgers hanging out
at La Grille

NO, that is definitely NOT Loren and I!

 Asian Mural in Paris?

Well, it was called French Indochina at one time for a reason.

Lots of folks at this second
market on the day's agenda

 Lobsters for sale

More seafood

Camino de Santiago shells

 Paella almost sold out


More Frommage

Getting HUNGRY!

I opted for a Bretone
style ham and cheese Gallete 

Sandy and Loren taking a
breaks from the market shopping

It was time for more serious pursuits, the enrichment of our artistic souls.

 We stormed onto the
Bastille Metro

Nice artwork on the
Bastille Metro line

We got off at the
Tuileries Garden exit

 Cari Brucker,
PLEASE translate for us

 One of an assembled multitude
of statues in the Tuileries Garden

 Lots of shady paths too

Dead as a Door Nail

It was a a Royal Garden you know

Me when I found out that Arizona
beat the Huskies last weekend

Almost to the Louvre Museum

A glorious Arch just in front of . . .

. . . The Louvre Museum

Ladies and Gold go together

After all, this Husky Field Goal
kicker missed two short ones
that would have tied the game

 Wonder Woman?

Don't forget your goat leggings!

Is that Bart and Thiago?

I can't tonight,
I've got a splitting headache!

Rough Sex Victim?

 Nimble little minx

 Interesting ceiling

That reminds me, I need
to buy a mask for Halloween

 Opulence abounds


Gold Room

The Sun King

 Gravy Boat?

Out of my price range . . .

. . . WAY out of my price range

Quite the hallway

Remember, the Louvre was once the King's Palace.

 The Winged Victory
of Samothrace

One of the key pieces of the Louvre's collection.

Art was everywhere

Sandy and the Mona Lisa

Léonardo de Vinci's eternal masterpiece.

 Vibrant Colors

 Portrait of a Man
by Marco Marziale

 St. Anne, her daughter
the Virgin Mary and her
grandson Jesus Christ
by Léonardo de Vinci

Salomé and the Head
of St. John the Baptist
by Bernardino Luini

 Fruity Man
by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

David and the Head of Goliath
by Bartolomeo Manfredi

 Imperial looking to me

 Our wing of the Louvre face
another wing of the same
gigantic museum

 The Death of Cleopatra
by Alessandro Turchi


After two plus hours in this incredible museum that not only tries but actually succeeds in showing people the greatest works from Greek, Roman and variousother cultures up to about 1850 A.D., we were fried!

It was time for some fresh air and a stroll . . .

. . . down the Seine

 Hey, there's the Louvre Museum!

 Sidewalk shopping

We know this bridge

 We found what we needed,
wine and . . .

. . . cheese

Our group in the far corner

The French Supreme
Court Building has a . . .

 . . . nice entry gate

After decompressing back at our AirBnB  for awhile, we hit the bricks again in search of a restaurant for dinner.

I may have to attend



Our group after another incredible
meal in a wonderful French Bistro

Another fun two hour dinner featuring great cuisine and better friends!

We were all a bit tired tonight
for some reason

The Adventure continues on Friday!

Stay tuned Paul and Mike . . .

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