Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tour Guiding in Lyon

Monday was a raw but exciting day to reintroduce myself to Lyon while acting as Tour Guide for our new QB, John van den Raadt (VDR).

Near the Gare de Perrache 

This woman  and her child approached us tentatively in asking for a photo op with VDR.

On Place Bellecour

This woman was WAY more brazen!!!

The Fountain near the Hotel de Ville 

Trees in Winter

These are located in the courtyard of the Palace of Fine Arts.

 Los Angeles Rams fan sighting

This Junior team player won my confidence quickly by showing up to practice tonight in a vintage Jim Everett jersey.

 We call him "Frenchie"

It looks like our youngest grandson may be joining a Basque Separatist movement.

It was a good day today in Lyon as the battle versus jet lag is in full conflagration mode.

Our two Cadet and Junior squad practices were both solid. VDR  is showing himself to be very gifted athlete, a good teacher to the younger players and a great teammate. This could become a very good season.

Sometimes patience and a little luck are the real  keys to success!


David said...

I'd keep an eye on that junior player. He could move to St. Louis at any time.

Johan said...

How come VDR stopped wearing shorts?

George said...

He DID bring a complete wardrobe.

Olivier R said...

ah ah you killed me with your basque separatist movement! tell your grandson to give me a call when he feels ready for entering clandestinity, a few of my neighbors will be happy to have a new recruit!