Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baseball in January?

On a very sunny and warm Saturday morning, I joined our son Mike to watch his Newbury Park H.S. JV baseball team play at Thousand Oaks H.S. against the Lancers' JV squad in a Winter League game.

Mike leaning over the dugout railing

An NP Panther taking a cut

A Sno-Cone catch

Panther Pitcher Dealing the Heat

A Panther Taking Two!

Larceny was in his heart

Hacking Away

Bringing in the lefty

They were scheduled to play two 7 inning games today but we were only staying for the first contest.

The only real action in the morning came on the last play of the game when a single to center field with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning and a Lancer runner on second base. A perfect throw by the Panthers to the plate cut down the potential game winning run.

The final score was Panthers 0 - Lancers 0.

Mike with one of his players,
Landon Nealon, post-game

Post-Game Meal at Five Guys Burger


Now, back at Casa Contreras, it is time to sit back and watch the first two NFL Wild Card playoff games in comfort. It is a good day indeed!


building level administrator said...

George-this is great. It's amazing how much Michael looks like you. Hope all is well with the family and the crew from the Rio Mesa days!! Keep plugging away and my best to you, Laurie and the rest of the family.

Mike Botti

George said...

Thanks Mike,

I'm happy to see that your family is doing well too.