Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Senior Practice with VDR

Tuesday was an organizational day for the Falcons as well as our first Senior team practice with John van den Raadt at the helm.

A lunch meeting with the Falcons' Brain Trust yielded us a new perspective on our approach to the B team, a more solid grasp of our offensive playbook's concepts and a Special Teams Captain.

Steven "The Gypsy" Berthomier is a defensive back who also coaches our Cadet team. He is the kind of hard working, great attitude young man that every coach loves to have on his team. It is because of these attributes that we picked him to be our first Special Teams Captain.

As with many things in EuroBall, we did hit a bump in the road today. It was nothing that good old Falcon pride could not overcome with a bit of effort. It became evident that we did not have shoulder pads to fit John and we needed a face mask, chin strap and a cheek pad to make his helmet complete.

Thus, John joined our Falcon President Christophe Thuau and TE Geoff Moultan for the drive to Grenoble to a store that sells the items that VDR needed.

QB John van den Raadt with
RB Brice Rontet at his side

At practice tonight the energy was high and the work load was heavy. That proved to be a good recipe for improvement by our squad. We could have used a few more players at linebacker though.

We do not have our next game until the a week from this Saturday so that gives us three more opportunities to become a better team in preparation for our next opponents, the 0-3 Clermont-Ferrand Servals.

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