Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Week in Sunny, Chilly Southern California

The past few days have been fairly quiet as we continue to meet with friends and visit some of our favorite haunts before heading back to Lyon, France next week.

 A little wine at lunch with Laurie
is always a good option

 As is babysitting Jacob on Wednesdays

A Wednesday basketball game at
Rio Mesa against Oxnard was yet
another good choice 

The Spartans, in white, won thanks
to a strong second half effort

Jacob with Great Grandmother
Chuny last Sunday

We loaded up the PT Cruiser and drove to San Marino to visit "The Ladies" last Sunday.

Great-Great Aunt Katica wanted some
Jacob time too

Great Aunt Linda, my sister,
with the baby football

Aunt Katica, me and my Mom Chuny

On Monday, my old college buddy, Mark Johnson, asked me to meet him at Dinah's Family Restaurant near the Los Angeles International Airport.

I decided to take the scenic Pacific Coast Highway for the one hour drive on a sunny morning while my friends in Lyon were buried in snow.

Although he lives in Seattle, Mark's business brings him to Los Angeles for meetings once or twice a week.

He was very secretive about why he wanted us to meet but said that it would be extremely important for me to get there and to bring my camera.

Seated L. to R.: Mark, Tom, Ken and Loren
Standing L. to R.: Me and Paul
Photo by Chris

Mark had contacted five of us separately about this meeting without telling any of us that the other former Huskies would be there. We were all greatly surprised and had a ball catching up and telling stories.

As I said, Mark has been a close friend for for the past 45 years. He works with Chris Burrows, also a UW alumni, who joined us for lunch and took the picture above. Chris went to college with us but I have only recently met. Remember that the UW student body numbered about 32,000 people back then, hard to meet everybody.

I went to both high school and college with Tom Verti and he was one of my roommates my Senior year in college. I believe he helped us mix the best five gallons of sangria to ever grace a refrigerator's vegetable bin one warm spring Saturday.

Ken Lee was a tough as nails Linebacker for the Dawgs who went on to play for the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills intercepting six passes for the 1972 Bills.

I had not seen Tom or Ken in about 15 years so it was really a treat to see the two of them.

Loren Brucker was my college roommate for three years and has been a life long friend. We are fortunate to have stayed in touch with his family and I love that his kids and ours are good friends.

Paul Sabolic is one of the most caring and genuine people that I know. He is a person that we see often but not often enough. He bleeds purple and gold and was completely depressed when we last saw him right after the Huskies loss to Boise State in the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl last month.

What a great gathering . . .

Only he could have pulled this off.

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