Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet John van den Raadt

Bright and early on Thursday morning, Laurie and I loaded up the PT Cruiser once more for another fun filled trip to Las Vegas to visit Andy, Jenn and our grandson Kevin.

We thought that this would be the perfect time to meet our new Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons QB John van den Raadt who lives somewhere in the Inland Empire which is on our way to Sin City.

We decided to meet for breakfast in Fontana at the Wendy's in the appropriately named Falcon Ridge Shopping Center.

On the two hour drive out to meet them our sports talk radio had only one topic of discussion. That was of course was the just breaking story of Notre Dame University All-American linebacker Manti Te'o and the hoax of his having a fake girlfriend that the media had reported dying during the past season.

Thus Laurie and I were both excited when John entered Wendy's with his real flesh and blood girlfriend of over two years, Robin Portela. We found her to be a smart and outgoing young lady,  so the Falcons can rest assured that there will be no girlfriend hoax in our futures!

Robin Portela and John van den Raadt

As for John, our meeting left me feeling very positive about the rest of our season in France. There are people in life that you meet and just hit it off with instantly, knowing that this is a good person to have in your camp.

John is one of those people.

After all of the craziness that has been a part of trying to bring an import QB to the Falcons, I think that our long wait has been worth it.

Besides outstanding football credentials from his playing days at nearby Azusa Pacific University, John is also a caring person. He just returned to Southern California this week after serving on a mission the past six months teaching at a school with his brother Nick in the South African Republic of Malawi.

All of the Falcons are excited to have
John joining us for the stretch drive!


David said...

I was beginning to think your import QBs were fictitious.

George said...

We were duped