Friday, September 28, 2012

Vieux Lyon

Today marked the end of the first week of my French Adventure. Thus, I opted to head towards the Vieux Lyon historic district once again.

I have started to figure out Lyon's extensive transportation system and was able to cut my time into Lyon in half from yesterday's journey.

I exited the Metro at the
Hôtel de Ville

I was planning to roam the streets of the Presqu'île district first. Amazingly I stopped into . . .

St. Nizier Catholic Church

It has butresses

St. Peter with the
Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

St. Paul minus
the blade of his famous sword

Angelic Dive Bomber

Madonna and Child

The Ornate Main Altar

This small side altar
was stunning too

Intricate Pulpit Carving

The Power of Prayer

This girl was sitting by one of the side altars and praying loud enough for anyone nearby to hear her.

A stain glass window and a
fun setting on my new camera

Feeding the Multitudes

That reminded me that it was time for lunch, thus I headed towards Vieux Lyon.

Crossing the Saône River

Students and young workers
dining by the Saône River

Colorful Place Saint-Paul

Not here,
I wasn't that hungry

But I wanted more than a biscuit


The aromas from this rue full
of restaurants were incredible!

Nope, not here either


I could nosh on fruits and
vegetables . . . yeah, right

I opted for Chez Jules

I came across this little boulangerie last year the first time I visited Lyon. Great place for a light meal for a small price.

Just another picturesque rue
in the Vieux Lyon

The Roman Amphitheater

It sat 10,000 people in its heyday but can only hold about 3,000 people today for summer concerts.

Interesting building materials


I was strong but I'm not sure why.

I've got to get back to Paris

Just a fun street scene
in the Saint-Just district

Old Roofing Tiles

Golden Homes Abound

This garage has
seen much better days

One final "B" team practice

Our first game of the season for our Senior "B" team is this coming Sunday. Because we have so many Senior players, many of them rookies, we decided to start a "B" team to compete in a Division IV league.

Even though the "B" team has only practiced this Tuesday, Thursday and tonight, it will still be "GAME ON" this Sunday when we play in Saint-Étienne against the Condors.

It should be interesting.

Bonsoir from Lyon

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