Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marching Orders and Black Order

Well, it is finally official. Yesterday I received my airline tickets from our new team, the Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons, for my loooooong flight to the continent.

I will leave Los Angeles in the wee hours of Thursday, September 20th for an 18 hour and 15 minute journey that includes three flights with layovers in New York and London before finally landing in Lyon, France.

The Adventure continues . . .

Reading is FUNdamental

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution,
Quantum Physics vs. Theoretical Physics,
Washinton D.C., Copenhagen, Nepal, South Africa and . . .
the Nazis

What more could you ask for in a novel?


Johan said...

Good luck George! Hope to see you in Sweden if you have the possibility. Or I might show up in Lyon. Will be there in June for sure so you better make it far in the playoffs!

George said...

Sounds good to me Johan!

George said...

Sounds good to me Johan!