Saturday, September 29, 2012

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

The rain was back today but it was mostly light with overcast skies. This made it a perfect day to visit Lyon's very impressive Art Museum.

Great French cities have
great fountains 

Entyway to the Musée des
Beaux-Arts de Lyon 

As you pass through this entryway you enter a serene garden where the art begins with statues like these.


Pondering Catholic church
history perhaps 

"Every woman's crazy
'bout a sharp dressed man!"

This colorful scene greets
you once inside

Why is this man smiling?


Portrait of an Insane Woman 

"Got any ideas on
what to do tonight?"

Carmen Miranda's Muse?

Headless in Lyon 

 Caesar and Cleopatra

 Ricotta Cheese Madness

Cool helmet on the right



Desperate Eyes

A Roman Bridge

I saw a lot of these on the Camino de Santiago a few years ago.

St. George 

Cool Cat

The Sixth Labor of Hercules 

This was a very fine museum with a wealth of art from many different eras and mediums. It was well worth the afternoon out of the elements.

One last shot of the Hôtel de Ville

It was time to head home for the 4:00 p.m. start of College Gameday on ESPN America followed by Minnesota at Iowa.

Game day for our Falcon "B" team on Sunday, YAHOO!!!

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