Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching Up

Again, it's been a few weeks since I last posted so let's do some more catching up.

On August 15th my Mother
celebrated her 88th Birthday 

The family met in the ancestral home in San Marino to celebrate the occasion.

My Mother with her
Great-Grandson Jacob

Aunt Katy and Michael

Jacob checking out the seat
at the head of the table

The Birthday Girl!!! 

Great-Aunt Linda and Jacb 

With my cousin Ernie
who was visiting from Argentina
and Michael

It was a very fun day celebrating another milestone in my Mother's life.

Newbury Park H.S. Football

Although my original plan for the 2012 season was to just watch high school football, I was called into limited service with first Michael's J.V. team and then the Panthers' Varsity as well. 

Michael's LBs Angle Tacklig
in pre-game warm-ups 

Practicing Run Fits 

With Ted Smith 

Ted was an excellent LB/OG for us in the 1970s when I coached at neighboring Thousand Oaks H.S. 

His son is an excellent LB/H-back for Michael's team . . . small world.

The Coach Contreras Boys

Here Come the Panthers! 

NPHS Breakaway TD!!! 

The LOS 

A Field Goal Attempt 

In their first two games of the season, the JVs tied Buena before hammering cross town rival Thousand Oaks.

The Varsity squad beat Buena convincingly before losing by three points in overtime to Thousand Oaks.

My job is to be up in the booth trying to help communicate what I see to the coaches on the sideline.

Simple really.

 Post JV game with
Jacob and my sister Linda

Laurie switches allegiances
with me yet again


Mike, Vanessa and Jacob joined us for food and football.

Jacob loves water it turns out

He likes Olympic Luge
practice as well 

The big game of the weekend was
Michigan-Alabama in Dallas

No contest, ROLL TIDE!

Bouncing is fun! 

Newborn Wyatt Begrin

We were visited by Ron and Amber Begrin who live in Texas just after the Labor Day weekend.



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Are there days when you have to stop and think which team's clothing you're supposed to put on?

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