Monday, September 24, 2012

Jet Lag

For the first time in my EuroBall experience I have been experiencing massive jet lag, not fun.

I am living in the greater Lyon, France megalopolis, specifically in the suburb of . . .


Our team, the Falcons, represents two communities, Bron and . . .


Thus we are the Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons. 

Our 2012-13 schedule is interesting to say the least. We only play eight games but with byes and the month long holidays break, it will take us about six months to play the regular season. Here is our schedule:

Nov. 11 at Lyon Gones
Nov. 25 vs. Chambrey Aigles

Dec. 9 vs. Annemasse Bulldogs

Feb. 9 at Clermont Servals

Mar. 3 vs. Lyon Gones
Mar. 17 at Chambrey Aigles
Mar. 31 at Annemasse Bulldogs

Apr. 14 vs. Clermont Servals

You can be sure that we will always be well rested for our games. March could be tough.

Saturday evening I went on a two mile walk to explore the neighborhood.

Tacos, Kebab and Pizza
Oh my!!!

I may have to try this place out.


War Memorial

Lyon was a hotbed of the French Resistance during WWII. Tributes like this one can be seen throughout the city.

Transportation System

My Lyon Transportation Pass is good for the local subways, trams, busses and bicycles that service the city.

I'll look good on one of these.

On Sunday, Chrystel and Julien Urgenti invited me to their home for a tremendous lunch. We were joined by Falcons offensive guard David Melin. 

Wine, pork, cheese, chocolate mousse and friends always are a hit with me.

Jeanne Antonia

She is seven months old and the pride of the Urgenti family. She really liked the pink football that Laurie had me deliver to her.

Flag football is definitely in her near future.

Meet the Falcons

Sunday evening the Falcons met at the stadium for my presentation, i.e., a chance for me to meet them for the first time and tell them about my vision for the season.

Food and drinks were of course involved. My first impression is that we have a fun loving group of people who want to learn about football and win.

Our two Flag teams had mixed results in the tournament that they played in on Saturday and Sunday but they reported that it was fun and definitely worth the trip. 

After the presentation, it was time for NFL football at . . .

An Irish Pub

The early NFL games start at 7:00 p.m. our time. Flanigan's had the New York Jets at Miami Dolphins game on for us.


We had a good time at Flanigan's although the live band that played traditional Irish music non-stop throughout the game was a bit weird.

I had a great time and hope that the jet lag will be done on Monday in time for our Cadet and Junior practices on Monday night.

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David said...

Actually, if you take away the cluster of games at the beginning and end, you have a demanding stretch of one game (the one in February) in 83 days.

I should think you'll be prepared.