Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweden "HERE WE COME!"

It's official, I have been offered and accepted the position of Head Coach with the Hässleholm Hurricanes of the Sweden's American Football League for the 2010 season. The Swedish Spring/Summer season will put Laurie and me in Scandanavia from March through September.

Hässleholm, population 17,050, is located in southern Sweden about 85 miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark and 320 miles south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Our colors are Forrest Green and Black

The 2009 Hässleholm Hurricanes

In 2009, Sweden had 32 teams playing American football. The top six teams played in the Super Serien. Then there were five teams in Division I. Finally, the other 21 teams played in Division II which was subdivided into four geographic divisions. Thanks to "Peter from Stockholm" for correcting me on my earlier post, now amended, as to the structure of Swedish football.

In 2009 the Hurricanes played in Division II's Södra (Southern) Division. The Hurricanes were founded in 2006 and experienced their best season ever in 2009, so we have a lot to live up to. The challenge to improve on last season's success is very appealing indeed!

Final 2009 Standings for the Södra Division
Lugi Vikings 9-1
Hässleholm Hurricanes 7-3
Limhamm Griffins 5-5
Carlshamn Oakleaves 5-5
Oskarshamn Dockers 2-8
Carlskrona Seahawks 2-8

INTERESTED? Here are a series of links to help get you as FIRED UP as we are!

2009 Hässleholm Hurricane Offensive Highlights:

The Swedish Tourism Board with a map of southern Sweden included:

The Community of Hässleholm's website is:

The Hässleholm Hurricanes website can be found at:

The Swedish American Football League website can be found at:

Click on this website for an article on the 2009 Swedish Super Serien Super Bowl game:

Well, now it is off to Borders to buy the necessary books about Scandanavia in general and Sweden in particular. A "Swedish for Dummies" book is in order as well!

Adjö for now!
That is goodbye in Swedish.


Peter, Stockholm, Sweden said...

Awesome, welcome to Sweden!

The top teams in Sweden is not in division I tough, they play in the "Superserien" ( Then there's divison I and II.

Dick Bellman said...

I must now introduce you to the works of Carl Michael Bellman, who in the late 1700's was the poet laureate of Sweeden. His poetry was unique in that most of his words were put to music - drinking songs.


Congrats George... so I guess you'll be Coaching for Ikea? Sounds like a fun - and completely different - adventure!

Seeing as Christie and I never made it up to Scandanavia, we may have to stop by! But first, Huskies and Wildcats! See ya Friday!

JJ and CC

Il Capo said...

Congrats George,

Just let me know if you will need an offensive coordinator after our season will be over and I will RUN there asap.

have fun.

Claud said...

Congrats George!

More than Coaching for Ikea i'd suggest Coaching for Swedish Meatballs(Ikea swedish meatballs are awsome).

Like Davide,i'd join too if you'd ever need help but i could see they just power run the i'm kinda useless!

PS:the Huskies will destroy the Pussy-Cats.
That's cuz J never gave me any Wildcats tshirt...

DPLassen said...

I'm voting for "Coaching for Meatballs" as the new blog title. I'm guessing the wardrobe from Sicily won't carry over, either.

Claud said...

forget Cipollata and welcome POPSICLES!!!!!!

suggestion #3: Coaching for Sauna&Beer.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting here because I was simply looking up travel tips for an upcoming trip to Sicily (this month!) and one of the matching google results was your blog. Anyway, I thought it was kind of funny to see your moving to Sweden to coach football because I'm an American living in Sweden, and there happens to be a youth group that practices football once a week just less than 100 feet from my window. Anyway, good luck in Sweden, it's QUITE a contrast from Sicily *evil laugh*. ;) Bring lots of warm and rain-proof clothes!
We're flying into Trapani Birgi and I think the reason a link to your blog came up is because I was looking up info about the Albergo Messina pension and you mentioned staying there in your blog.