Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Another Football Weekend

Our latest football weekend started on a VERY alarming note when my mother called me on the way to Rio Mesa Friday afternoon to tell me that she just heard a report on her TV news station that massive mudslides in Sicily had perhaps killed several people.

My first move was to send out a mass e-mail to the Catania Elephants about everyone's safety, families and friends of course included.

Fortunately all of the Elephants, their families and friends are indeed safe as near as I have found out!

Some of the Devastation

As it turned out the mudslides happened in the Messina area about a one hour drive north of Catania. The mudslides were due to an incredible NINE inches of rain in only a THREE HOUR period combined with buildings constructed without permits.

The Death Toll is up to 21 people

According to this morning's Los Angeles Times report, another 30 people are still listed as missing.

For videos of the mudslides from the Italian media click on this link:

Friday evening arriving at St. Francis H.S.
for the J.V. and Varsity doubleheader
with Rio Mesa H.S.

As I posted on a previous post, I graduated from St. Francis in 1965. It was fun to return to the campus which has seen so many beautiful upgrades in the last 44 years including these sculptures in the quad of St. Francis, the Patron Saint of animals, with a wolf.

The program included a great article by John Zant about the class of 1964 and our 12-1 season that saw the Golden Knights win their first of two back-to-back C.I.F. AAA Football Championships. It brought back a flood of good memories. John was a very fast wingback on that 1963 team and was a long time sports writer for the Santa Barbara News Press.

J.V. action

Both teams were 3-0 entering this game and St. Francis handed us one of our only two setbacks last year when these kids were playing on the schools respective Freshman teams.

Final Score: Rio Mesa 28 - St. Francis 7

The J.V. Spartans are now 4-0!

I also got a chance to renew an acquaintance with Pete Fagan who graduated from St. Francis in 1966. Pete and his wife were also watching the J.V. game fron the top level of this classroom building. We were the equivalent of about seven stories above the field from this vantage point. It was good to see him again after all of these years.

Jack Friedman was our Head Football Coach
when I played at S.F

Varsity Action

A loooong night for Rio Mesa as the Golden Kinights dominated the game and won easily 41-0. St. Francis is now 4-0 and Rio Mesa drops to 2-2.

The Mural of St. Francis

Located above the stairway of the school's oldest cllassroom building, it was always one of my favorite spots on the campus.

Sunday, Laurie and Mike supporting
Scott Fujita and the New Orleans Saints

Vanessa approving of Mike's slippers

We spent the afternoon at Mike and Vanessa's and rooted the 4-0 Saints to a 24-10 victory over the New York Jets. We had a wonderful time and they were terrific hosts.

Other Football Results of Import to the Catania Elephants

Riccardo Conticello's Cabrillo H.S. (1-3) team defeated Santa Maria 28-21.

My Washington Huskies (2-3) lost to Notre Dame 37-30 in overtime.

Brandon Bennett's #18 ranked Willamette (4-1) team beat Whitworth 42-13.

Matt Epperson's Hardin-Simmons Cowboys (1-4) lost to Mary Hardin-Baylor 23-7.

Taber LeMarr's San Diego Torrero team (2-2) lost to Butler 25-24.

Larry Atkinson's Nebraska-Omaha squad (4-2) beat Emporia State 34-14.

Denver Wade's #12 ranked Wabash Little Giants (4-0) swamped Allegheny 37-3.

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