Friday, October 16, 2009

Hueneme Vikings and the Pacific View League Opener

After a rough pre-season schedule that saw our Frosh team at only 1-4, we hosted the Hueneme Vikings in our 2009 Pacific View League opener.

As we stated at the start of the season, this is a very inexperienced group of players who are in need of equal doses of fundamentals, patience and commitment. The hard thing with our kids is getting them to understand that even though we were losing games, we were getting better each week.

The good thing is that as we entered PVL action, all six league teams were tied at 0-0 in PVL play regardless of their non-league season records.

The Trenches
Where games are won!

Our offense, in black, played a terrific game!

The Offensive Line on the move!

We had 55 plays good for 291 yards of Total Offense and 17 First Downs.

In European historical terms this is
Coach Contreras "The Elder" on the left
with Coach Contreras "The Younger"

We were VERY pleased with our defenses effort for the second week in a row. We only allowed 145 yards on 37 plays as 19 different players were in on at least one tackle.

The Vikings last drive of the game was of interest. We were leading 26-0 with only about 5 minutes left in the game when Hueneme put together an 8 play, 80 yards scoring drive that featured some really well designed gadget plays that the Vikings ran to perfection!

The zanniest play of all was their final play that was "The Old Flea Flicker" good for a 16 yard TD pass. . . or was it? The Vikings had not one but two receivers wide open in the end zone with nary a Spartan defender within 10 yards, as all 11 Rio Mesa players were swarming to the ball carrier before he pitched it back to the QB.

The "White Hat" referee, at this point, blew his whistle ever so slightly, much to his embarassment, not seeing the lateral and mistakenly thinking that the running back was tackled.

After explaining his inadvertant whistle, which meant the TD didn't count and that the down would have to be replayed, to the Hueneme Head Coach, he came over to me to explain the situation. I told him that I didn't hear any whistle, that it was probably just a bird flying overhead that shrieked. He asked if I was sure about it and I said "Yes".

Obviously, he didn't know that I believe that "Shutouts are Fascist!". Besides, the Hueneme kids should not be punished for executing a gadget play to absolute perfection because of blown call.

I almost went out and bought a "blue car" after the game. If this reference confuses you, read Hall of Fame Coach Frosty (Hadley Linderman's Great Grandpa) Westering's book.

Rio Mesa 26 - Hueneme 8

I am so pleased with our coaching staff and our kids improvement, 1-0 in the Pacific View League sounds pretty good. Up next is a road trip to Channel Islands (0-1 in the PVL) who is coached by one of our former Spartan linemen, George Zaragoza.

Stay tuned!

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Dick Bellman said...

Another example of why you are good for football. I know Al Davis probably wouldn't think much of you "hearing birds," but what an example for anyone involved with athletics. Yes, character does count.