Monday, October 26, 2009

NFL Sunday Results

We watched the New Orleans Saints play at the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. . . GREAT GAME!

Saints QB Drew Brees

We are currently Saints fans because our God Son, Scott Fujita, is their starting Outside Linebacker. When he played for the Kansas City Chiefs for three years, we were Chief fans, when he spent a season with the Dallas Cowboys we were Cowboy fans and for the last four years it has been "GO SAINTS!".

For more on Scott go to Scott is #55 on the bottom row of the pictures that will pop up for you.

The Dolphins were SMOKIN', taking a commanding 24-3 lead before Drew Brees ran a QB sneak with 2 seconds left in the first half to make it Dolphins 24-10 at the intermission.

Back and forth in the 3rd quarter with the Dolphins still leading 34-24 with 15 minutes left in the game.

The Fourth Quarter? The Saints went wild scoring 22 unanswered points to win 46-34!

The Saints are now 6-0 and the Dolphins dropped to 2-4. WHAT A GAME!

Only the 6-0 Indianapolis Colts and 6-0 Denver Broncos can match the saints record at this time. By the way, this is the first time in NFL history that three teams are still undefeated this late in a season.

Patriot Defense Swarming in London

Meanwhile, across the pond, the New England Patriots (5-2) hammered the Tampa Bay Bucaneers (0-7) 35-7 in front of 84,254 fans at Wembley Stadium in London.

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football picks said...

That was a great saints game. Man those guys are legit. Kill the Giants, then the comeback on the dolphins. We may see these guys come superbowl time.