Sunday, October 25, 2009

College Football Results of Interest

Another great
College Football Saturday!

Here are the results of interest to my friends in Sweden and Sicily.

Hurricane Watch

It was a bad weekend for Hässleholm's two favorite Division I teams.

Clemson (4-3) 40 - Miami (5-2) 37
The Hurricanes lost in overtime

UTEP (3-4) 28 - Tulsa (4-3) 24
The Golden Hurricanes played Wednesday night for BIG TV money

Now it is on to teams
of interest in Catania

First, the winners:

Arizona (5-2) 27 - UCLA (3-4) 13

Jason was at the game and quite happy I'm sure!

Hardin-Simmons (4-4) 29 - Sul Ross
State (2-5) 6

Matt's Cowboys are finishing strong.

Wabash (6-1) 37 - Wooster (4-3) 27

Denver's team rebounds nicely from last week's heart breaking loss.

And now for aturday's Silver Medal Winners:

Oregon (6-1) 43 - Washington (3-5) 19

My Dawgs keep competing which is good but we also keep losing which is bad. We've now dropped two straight since the miracle against Arizona.

Jacksonville (4-3) 34 - San Diego (3-4) 16

Taber's team losses two in a row for the first time this season.

Central Missouri State (7-2) 49 - Nebraska-Omaha (5-4) 31

Second straight loss for Larry's team as well.

Linfield (7-0) 30 - Willamette (6-2) 27

A huge Northwest Conference game did not go Brandon's way.

The NFL is playing
in London Today!

The annual NFL regular season game in London's historic Wembly Stadium is today between the 4-2 Patriots and the 0-6 Bucaneers.

I'm guessing that several Hässleholm Hurricanes and Catania Elephants are in attendance enjoying an up close look at American football at the highest level.

O.K., maybe I stretched the truth with the Tampa Bay playing at the highest level reference.

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