Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weaver Wedding

"And now for something totally different . . ."

About four years ago, Rio Mesa's Boys Soccer (Calcio) Coach Brandon Fuchs was about to get married to Monica and asked me to perform the ceremony. I, of course, told him that I was honored but that I had neither the proper credentials nor the experience to perform at such an important event in their lives. Not a problem, I was told.

Brandon's sister was an ordained minister who was originally going to oversee their ceremony but she was pregnant and could not guarantee them that she could be there since she was due to deliver the week of their wedding. She did all the paperwork for me and I was good to go at a large wedding on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Oxnard, California.

It was indeed a great honor for me and I really enjoyed being a part of their special day. By the way, Brandon's sister was able to attend the ceremony and delivered a few days later.

Then, about two years ago, Gonzalo Rodriquez, Rio Mesa's Girls Soccer Coach, was about to marry his beloved Pam and they asked me to preside over their wedding in a rural setting at a friend's home.

Again, a great honor and sure to be a good time but I knew nothing about my credentials which Brandon's sister had procured for me at Brandon and Monica's wedding. Was it a one time deal? Did I have some kind of lifetime credential? I just did not know.

Through his sister, Brandon got me to an on-line website for the Universal Life Church Monastery based in Seattle, Washington. On-line, I quickly became a lifetime Ordained Reverend and I didn't even have to yell anything like "Death to the Papists!" at the end of my intense bible study.

I know that someday I will have to confess this break from my Roman Catholic upbringing to probably a very strict Jesuit priest no less but it was the expedient thing to do.

Which leads us to yesterday's wedding on the sand in Santa Barbara for the union of Matthew and Jennifer Weaver. Matt is the brother-in-law of Rio Mesa Varsity Football Special Teams Coach Brett Phillips and it was Brett who approached me about presiding over their ceremony.

Again honored, I said yes and found it interesting that Matt had been a student at Westlake High School in the 1980's when I served as Head Football Coach for the Warriors. . . a small world indeed.

Matthew and Jennifer Weaver
with the Reverend George Contreras

Thank goodness that Rio Mesa had an extra XXL graduation robe a few years ago.

The Weaver Family

It was both Matt and Jennifer's second marriages. Here they are with their combined five children Mason, Jaryd, Jack, Gage and Addison. They all seemed very happy together and I wish them the best!

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