Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guiberson Fire Update

Vanesa and Mike spent another night with us as the Guiberson Fire continued to rampage through this morning. It has now engulfed 16,400 acres but is about 40% contained. If the weather cooperates, fire fighters hope to have the fire completely contained by Saturday.

Because the winds have been favorable, their house is still safe and their street has now been downgraded from Mandatory Evacuation back to Voluntary Evacuation. Their current plan is to move back in this weekend.

The next four pictures are all from today's Ventura County Star newspaper.

San Marino city firefighter Nick Mesa sprays foam on a house as the
fire draws near.

Helicopters drop water directly on the fire

Helicopters are flying over our house constantly as they get more water and return to the fire for their next run.

The fire retardent drops over ares that are not yet burning are spectacular.

What a way to start a marriage. . .

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